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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by CM View Post
Why do you continue to ninja me, Drago?! X3

I haven't played Dragonborn, but I know how the quest is started. I never actually did it after I got the quest in my journal.

Well we can figure something out. I mean they let Serana be in Fort Dawnguard, so they may make a few exceptions. They're gonna have to if they want Agana on their side. Pretty much all my characters will side with the Dawnguard. In roleplay at least. In-game is completely different X3

Ugh... I'll let y'all figure it out X3 She get's title, you both get a house. I don't care who gets what so y'all can discuss it. Of course she'll be joining us later when things clear up on her end, but we're gonna keep a spot open for her.

Quick question, are you from southern USA? Because I see a lot of 'y'all's ha ha

I will sort it out later, as I am busy at the moment (playing skyrim)

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