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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Okay cool... now to pick the perfect spot to drink the... tea... (since I doubt vampires actually drink tea)

Never played Dragonborn so I dunno...

Dawnguard shouldn't be too difficult to incorporate.

Norik will probably be on that path... and joining the Dawnguard... since a Vampire joining the Dawnguard totally works (well in the game they make you lose it after a certain time but they may not notice the teeth and fangs... and thirst for blood?)

Gorvesh... well... he would probably enjoy smashing some bats
Why do you continue to ninja me, Drago?! X3

I haven't played Dragonborn, but I know how the quest is started. I never actually did it after I got the quest in my journal.

Well we can figure something out. I mean they let Serana be in Fort Dawnguard, so they may make a few exceptions. They're gonna have to if they want Agana on their side. Pretty much all my characters will side with the Dawnguard. In roleplay at least. In-game is completely different X3

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
If thats the case, I will just have another house with the same layout ha ha
Ugh... I'll let y'all figure it out X3 She get's title, you both get a house. I don't care who gets what so y'all can discuss it. Of course she'll be joining us later when things clear up on her end, but we're gonna keep a spot open for her.
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