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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by CM View Post
Well for that I know in-game you have to be Thane of Windhelm and have completed the quest "Blood on the Ice". Also I was talking to Jaye when this rp idea was still in development and she had said she wanted that title and that house. So I was kinda gonna save those for her for when she could join us.

But talking with her over IM just now and she said you can have the house. She still wants the title Thane of Windhelm, which I'll save for her. So both your and her characters can have houses in that city, you having Hjerim and she having a generic one. If you're all right with that, she having the title and you having the house that's from in-game. Since this is roleplay we don't have to play by the game's rules X3
If thats the case, I will just have another house with the same layout ha ha

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