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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

true he doesn't need to start as Harbinger, so that could be fun

Not gonna lie, I considered the same thing, just because that option was available in-game
Prolly gonna have Blackthorne hit on Shahvee and Derkeethus... not sure which way to go on that yet.

That was disappointing how Serana was unmarriable.

Marry my dragon off to Odahviing? (Cuz they could totally fit in the Temple) lol... prolly not... of course Durnehviir isn't any better of an option... for certain reasons...

There is a mod for that, it makes quite a few of the marriageable characters more attractive.

I wonder if there is a mod out that allows you to marry a dragon... that would take intriguing mechanics... actually someone could prolly pull it off...
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