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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Well... seeing as Gorvesh is Harbinger (unless someone else SUs before the RP is officially up) Then that would mean Kodlak is dead...

So the Companions may not be spectacularly at peace with the loss of their old friend, could lead to insubordination if others feel they are more deserving than he is... so there could be some pleasant chaos and dysfunction, but I dunno
He doesn't need to be Harbinger at the start of the roleplay, just so you know. And a character I was debating on bringing in would have been a challenge to him getting the title, but decided against it since I haven't gotten far in-game with a pure warrior build and have shifted to more sneaky characters. So for now he's the only one running for that title.

And just want to throw this out there, but am I the only one thinking of possible relationships for characters? Just to entertain myself I started thinking of who I can pair my characters with, as in with characters that can be married in-game. Or actually in one case a character I wish could be married but instead she turns ya down. And just to throw something else out there all my female characters minus one (who I didn't sign up with) are in a relationship with another woman in-game. Honestly I found the female characters much more attractive then a good majority of the male candidates for marriage.
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