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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Two WARs is certainly an interesting idea, but probably not the best thing to do. PXR (other than being a Crossroads to the fandom and being awesome) is basically going to be, dare I say, a replacement for PE2K. Some times you just gotta pull the plug, especially when nothing else can be done. As Neo said, PE2K could crash any minute and take everything with it.

I'm sure those of us not moving to PXR would like to have a WAR, but it seems really, well, pointless unless the ones staying behind held it themselves, especially when there won't be enough activity after PXR's launch to sustain a WAR.

With the estimate of about 75% of PE2K migrating over, and only about 10 completely active members, that might leave three or four members who would be fit for WAR, which is no where near enough. PE2K was my first forum, joined when I wasn't even a pre-teen, and I certainly don't want to leave, but the only options are either to move to PXR, or wait for PE2K to completely die out or crash, which ever comes first. I want to help PXR build up, because PXR has hope. Devoting all my time to PE2K when it's just going to die-out anyways isn't very time-savvy, in my opinion. Of course, I'll be visiting, but I won't be a mod or a writer anymore.

I've done all I can for miss PE2K, but this is just a coma she'll never come out of, so spending my time and money keeping her on life support instead of pulling the plug isn't very wise, no matter how much I want to hang on to her. I hope that coma analogy explains my opinions better.

So Quinn, I'm glad you still want to hold on, but having two WARs just really isn't a good idea if PE2K wouldn't be able to sustain one.
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