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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ashley and Jeremy
Two Years Ago
Sydney, Australia

"I can't believe they found us." Claire growled breathlessly as her, West and their two fifteen year old teenaged children ran inside their house, West locking the front door behind them.

"I bought us some time but we need to hurry and get out of here." West responded. "We only have about ten minutes."

"The two of you go upstairs and quickly pack some clothes." Claire ordered her children, Ashley and Jeremy nodding as they ran up the stairs. Claire was about to follow to her own room which she shared with West but he grabbed her shoulder, spinning Claire around so his dark brown eyes locked with her sapphire blue ones.

"The Company will only keep finding us since you and I have been tagged by them. The only chance of our children having a chance to escape The Company is if we separate ourselves from them." West responded, his dark brown hair in a ruffled mess. Tears instantly began to pool Claire's eyes as she tied back her straight blonde hair in a ponytail, though she nodded in agreement.

"I know... we've known this day would most likely come. Our children will never be safe while The Company are tracking you and I." Claire looked up the stairs, blinking away her tears before her and West ran up to their room, though it wasn't to pack clothes. West quickly opened his large closet and pulled out two backpacks, one being a dark blue and the other being a light pink. Inside the two bags were a manila envelope, inside containing new identities, passports and some money for their two children. Inside the actual backpacks were a couple of prepaid cell phones, a notebook of phone contacts Ashley and Jeremy could call for help, and a few other small items.

"What's going on?" Ashley asked from her parents' bedroom doorway as she saw the two backpacks, a black backpack already strapped to her back. Jeremy was at his sister's side only a second later, having a dark green backpack.

"Remember what the four of us talked about?" West asked as his own emotional pain clouded his eyes. "You and your brother need to leave; without your mother and I."

"No. We're sticking together!" Jeremy argued.

"The two of you will never be safe from The Company since they're tracking both your father and I." Claire said, walking over to her children. "Both you and Ashley have the training and skills to survive out in the world. While the two of you run, your father and I will recruit Rebels like ourselves to fight back against The Company. For now we need you to stay safe."

"We should work together." Ashley shook her head, bringing West to walk over to his children as well.

"You know that's a bad idea. Please, just listen to us. I don't know when, but we'll be together again. As a family." West responded, Ashley and Jeremy holding back their own tears as they stubbornly nodded, taking the backpacks from their father.

"Everything you need is in there." Claire said. "Remember, don't stay in one area for too long. Always keep moving, but stay in large cities. The Company will have a hard time finding the two of you if you're surrounded in large crowds. There are also prepaid cell phones in the bags, so that way The Company can't listen in on our phone conversations. Just to be safe though, get a new prepaid phone once a month with a new number."

"You guys can never tell us where you're at." West added. "Because if The Company captures your mother and I then they will be able to get the information they need by using a mind reader, so our own minds aren't even safe."

"I just really wish our family didn't have a break apart." Ashley replied as the tears she was trying to hold back slid down her cheeks, Claire and West hugging their children tightly.

"It will only be for a little while." Claire said in a soft tone. "Your father and I love the two of you so much."

"We love you too." Jeremy said, the family silent for a few moments as they remained in the group hug.

"I need to go see where they are." West broke the silence and looked at his children. "Be brave. Both of you." Ashley and Jeremy nodded, watching their father levitate off from the ground and flew out the opened window with great speed.

"Take care of your sister, Jeremy." Claire said as Jeremy nodded.

"I will."

Present Time
New York City

Ashley ran down a long, never ending narrow hallway as fast as she could, both fear and adrenaline pumping through her veins as she forced her burning legs to keep on running. Both sides of the black hallway had large windows repeating themselves one after the other, sunlight beaming in from both sides and shined down brightly on Ashley. She dared to look behind her to see if the threat was still following, the brunette gasping in shock at what she saw as she forced shadows to dance around her hands and target them towards the windows that had sunlight pouring out from them, trying to block out the light so her powers would work better. Every time Ashley would pass one of the darkened windows they would suddenly be consumed in sunlight.

"You can't hide behind the darkness forever." A voice suddenly chuckled as Ashley turned her head back around and ran even faster. She tried to pinpoint where the voice came from but it was impossible, the terrifying voice coming from every direction. The brunette turned her head behind her again only to see the windows which she was running passed were continuing to be consumed by sunlight, Ashley giving out a growl.

"Sh*t!" Ashley cursed as she turned her head back around once again, a laugh from the terrifying voice filling the hallway. A door could suddenly be seen ahead as Ashley raced towards it, sunlight pouring out from the bottom crack of it. If she could just reach the door in time and run through it then she might be safe, the open area of sunlight providing her with shadows from objects which she could use to help her fight. After a few long moments of running Ashley finally reached the door and pulled it open, sunlight pouring into the long hallway. Ashley didn't bother to look back however as she ran through the door and closed it, the brunette completely surprised by where she ended up.

Maple trees lined a graveyard as Ashley looked over to her right and saw a white church, its bells ringing loudly as she took a step forward. Sunlight poured over the graveyard as if this place was somehow completely safe, the evil that was chasing after Ashley not chasing after her anymore. Ashley turned around, expecting to see the door behind her but it was completely gone as a busy street could be seen, confusion washing over her as she looked around. The sudden sound of a howl coming from behind Ashley made her quickly turn around towards the woods, where a jet black wolf stood by an opening in a wooded area.

"You again..." Ashley said in curiosity as she took a step forward but the wolf turned around and ran into the woods, bringing Ashley to run after it. She ran along the path as she journeyed deeper into the woods, straying from the path as she chased after the wolf. "Please wait!" Ashley called out, the black wolf stopping and staring at her from about fifteen feet away. She stopped running and came to a steady walk, putting out her hand as she slowly made her way towards the black wolf.

It didn't run away as Ashley knelt down in front of the furry animal and kept out her hand, petting the top of the wolf's head and stared into its emerald colored eyes. She stared deep into them, as did the wolf with her own eyes as Ashley tried to piece everything together. The sound of a branch snapping behind Ashley brought her to quickly stand up straight and spin around, seeing that there was no one there except for woods. She turned back towards the wolf but saw it had disappeared, a teenaged boy looking as the same age as her standing there. He had jet black hair and piercing emerald green eyes, his bangs covering his left eye.

"You've been in my dreams... who are you?" Ashley asked, though the male didn't answer.

"You can't trust him, Ashley." Jeremy suddenly appeared, his words said in a fierce voice.

"How do you know?" Ashley asked in confusion.

"He's nothing but evil, and everything he touches just dies. You need to stay in the shadows." Jeremy responded. "I'll protect you from him, Ashley. I promise I will."

Ashley's eyes suddenly snapped open as she gasped, the brunette quickly sitting up on her bed and looked around anxiously. Sweat pooled her face as she felt her own heart race, beating rapidly inside her chest. Her gaze fell over to the second-story apartment window in her bedroom, the sun beginning to rise as Ashley took a few calming breaths and stood to her feet. She knew the hallway in her dream was located in The Company's building and would always have nightmares of being caught, but the male in her dream would always confuse her. She had never seen him in real life before, but he has been in her dreams exactly five times during the last two months. Ashley was hoping it was just a coincidence, that thought bringing her to walk out of her bedroom and into the bathroom which was right across the hall from her bedroom. Her and Jeremy lived in a two-bedroom apartment together, the two seventeen year olds just arriving a week ago. Today was their first day at yet another high school, which Ashley always dreaded.

"Hey." Jeremy said from inside the bathroom, the male in the middle of brushing his teeth.

"Hey." Ashley responded, taking her own toothbrush and squeezed on a bean-sized glob of peppermint toothpaste.

"Don't you want to eat first?" Jeremy asked.

"I'm not hungry." Ashley responded, the brunette beginning to brush her teeth.

"Why do you always get nervous on the first day of school?" Jeremy chuckled. "This is the fifth school we've gone to in six months. Aren't you used to it by now?"

"You're right." Ashley sighed, finishing with brushing her teeth and walking into the kitchen where Jeremy followed. "I'm just gonna get some water and then take a shower. We can get some breakfast on the way to school. It might help calm the nerves."

"Sounds like a plan." Jeremy agreed.

About a half hour later Ashley was ready for school, the brunette wearing a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, light blue tattered jeans and black Converse brand sneakers. Her hair was now dry and perfectly straight, parting her long brown hair on the left. Ashley wore crow feather earrings and a silver circular locket which had a picture of her parents in it, the brunette never leaving without it.

"Are you almost ready?" Ashley asked as she grabbed her Black Veil Brides shoulder bag she used for carrying her school books, slinging the bag on her shoulder and walking out of her room to go into Jeremy's room.

"Just a sec." Jeremy responded, slinging his own Dead By April shoulder bag over his shoulder and walking towards his sister. He wore a plain black t-shirt which showed off his muscular body, wearing dark blue jeans as his short brown hair was a little messy which he knew girls loved, the male wearing black Converse brand sneakers as well. "Where do you want to get breakfast from?"

"How about that bagel shop? Our school is only two blocks away from here and the shop is on the same block."

"Fine by me." Jeremy agreed, the twins walking out of their apartment and towards the sidewalk after locking their door. "I need to stop at the ATM first."

"The bagel shop has one right in front of it." Ashley said. After about a ten minute walk Ashley and Jeremy reached the ATM, to which Jeremy casually placed his left hand on the side of it. With his right hand Jeremy began to press buttons, hiding the fact that he was actually using his left hand to control the electrical wires inside the machine. Jeremy didn't need to move his left hand at all in order to control the electric current, a few moments later a fifty dollar bill being presented.

"Breakfast time." Ashley chuckled, to which Jeremy smirked as the twins walked into the bagel shop.

"How much time do we have until class starts?" Jeremy asked.

"About forty-five minutes."

"We have plenty of time." Ashley nodded at her brother's words, the two getting a plain bagel with extra cream cheese and a medium sized orange juice, then walking to an emptied table in the shop and sat down to eat their breakfast.

OOC: I will do Caroline's and Alex's in my next post
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