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Default Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Heroes: The Next Generation

What if one day you woke up with an ability you didn't possess the night before? Or what if even you've had an ability your entire life and kept it a secret from society? An ability giving you the power to control someone's mind, create fire out of thin air or even fly? Whether you woke up one random day with an ability you could never dream of or you've had it your entire life, the outcome is the same; people with these special abilities are all connected. Some people will use their abilities for good, others for evil, but they will face the same danger no matter how they choose to use their powers, because someone is capturing people with abilities.

A secret group called The Company is an international organization, its primary purpose being to identify, monitor and study those individuals with genetically-derived special abilities. They will stop at nothing to collect people with abilities and study them like lab rats, and even have individuals with abilities of their own to help find others like them. The Company is even able to give normal humans abilities as well, killing anyone who rebel against them. The Company uses a pneumatic injection "bag and tag" system to bring new evolved humans into the Company's fold and monitor them. Sometimes tasers and drugs are used to "bag" up these victims, the mark or "tag" consisting of two black parallel lines which are created close to the neck. The mark is the scar left by the two-pronged needle of a pneumatic injection device, which injects a radioisotope to allow tracking.

It is the year 2052 now, the world now being a much darker place. Thirty-six years ago a group of people with special abilities rebeled against The Company and managed to overthrow it, thanks to a man names Noah Bennett who worked for The Company. His adopted sixteen year old daughter, Claire Bennett, had the ability to spontaneously regenerate any tissue in her body, allowing her to recover from almost any injury within seconds. He knew of Claire's abilities ever since she was a baby when he adopted her, which compelled him to turn against the organization since they had found out about her. Mr Bennett was able to take down The Company from the inside with the help of his daughter Claire and others with abilities, though it didn't take long for the organization to make a comeback.

When Claire gave birth at the age of twenty-two to a set of twins, The Company quickly rose again with great power, their power defeating the rebels. The people with abilities who were caught by the organization but refused to surrender were executed, while the others who escaped fled into hiding. The organization took matters into their own hands and revealed to society about the people with abilities, telling them that these people pose as a great threat if they aren't on The Company's side. Now humans were very much aware of people with abilities, and were told that if they aided anyone with an ability who would not turn themselves in would face the same fate as the person they were protecting, which is death. The world now is a whole lot darker, people with abilities constantly having to look over their shoulder.

Your Role:

You're either a person with an ability, trying to stay off The Company's radar, or a person working with the organization and finding people with abilities to turn them in. The Company wants control of both the human race and the humans with abilities, so which path will you choose?

1) Use proper grammar
2) Make your posts as descriptive as possible and to be two paragraphs or more (8-10 long descriptive sentences per paragraph)
3) No godmodding
4) No bunnying, meaning you can't control someone else's character without their permission
5) No double posting, spamming, etc...
6) You can sign up for up to four characters only. Please no more than four because then it gets confusing
7) If you've read the rules, then write down Kei7137 somewhere in your SU
8) ALL pe2k rules are required
9) PG-13 Romance please
10) Have fun =)
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