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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
I don't really care to much for summoning dragons to aid me
I just feel it is potentially hazardous to my chars health if someone willing to use Soul tear can

I will take Call of Valor if you guys don't want it
(of course since every dragons name is a three part shout my dragon should it be accepted would probably be tossed onto that list) (That would be nice and awkward if my dragon was compelled to appear in the aid of a stranger) Sulvahdinriik is one of the names I am considering translated Sun Maiden Gale (female mostly to avoid extreme ridicule for cowardice)
(prolly being a sexist jerk, but it is probably true)
Then how about we throw out Call of Valor and replace it with your Dovah? I'm willing to do that. That way we all have a dragon. And personally why would a soul want to leave Sovengarde to fight in the physical realm just to die again and be sent back? It makes no sense to me.


Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Well, join us on Skype, Cobalt and I both play, and I still have some (probably noob) settups that I never got to test
Experience does help, and it is a really fun game
Ps sorry this took a while to type
I'm still a bit uncomfortable with Skype honestly. I have recently sighed up, but since I have lost my voice shortly after I haven't used it. Not to mention I'd have to find my cards. I packed them away somewhere and not exactly sure as to their location...
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