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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Soul Tear is overpowered btw

I myself are fond Ice form... because it is fun to freeze things

and Become Ethereal because it is fun looking like a ghost

Throw Voice is a way to mess with people so it is also fun

and who doesn't love to Fus Ro Dah things of off cliffs, buildings, stairs... the floor lol

Actually my favorite ones are mostly in the common section lol
Disarm... talk about trollin
I know Soul Tear is overpowered. It's the ultimate Necromancer Shout. Why do you think it's in the rare section? Not to mention you need Durnehviir to teach it to you.

@Cobalt: Dang it! You are claiming my favorite rare shout, Call Dragon. However I'm being nice and letting y'all get first pick. Except Aura Whisper. It just really aids my character that I'll be posting up tomorrow who would be Dovahkiin.
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