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OOC: OH my gosh, never intended this to get this long... Laura's post has been put off until I can post for Sky and Damien...whose history isn't finished because I'm lazy. XDDD

Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe
ARPers: Enkaku

Something about dangerous situations changed Straton, focused his thoughts. He had made sure to wave Davide down ahead of him, along with the wolf. While he knew what they were dealing with, Davide packed a handgun he was very capable of using, and he didn't need the clueless human seeing what Ash was doing to deter those who had initially broken into the room. Still propelling Reine along, his mind didn't quite bother objecting to how he was moving just behind the Yuki-onna girl in front of him, his hand just barely hovering on her shoulder, both guiding and restraining as they moved down the stairway to the building's ground floor lobby. It probably wasn't the most safe idea, but it was their best option--if they could make it across the lobby, there was access to a basement that housed a network of historic tunnels that they could use to escape or fight.

With his free hand, Straton reached up to the strap crossing his chest and pulled a wicked-looking steel dagger free, cursing the fact he had no gun or crossbow at his disposal like Davide. These people obviously weren't going to take his lack of a firearm into account and try to make it a fair fight, and he was at a massive disadvantage. But Davide has a gun, Ash can create fire, and Reine... Straton bit his lip and mentally kicked the thought away. No, he would not allow himself to rely on the human and...nonhuman...he was supposed to be protecting. He wasn't even incredibly happy about trusting Ash to cover them, either, but he really had no choice but to trust the Fae in this case. At least Ash knew what was really going on.

They were laying in wait a the bottom of the stairs, but they seemed to not have expected anyone to come down this way--sloppy, sloppy, Straton's mind chided as the wolf practically hurled itself down the stairs and onto the nearest human, snarling. "Neige!" Reine shrieked, trying to pitch herself forward, after the wolf, but his hand on her shoulder yanked back and down as guns whirled on them and fired. Davide swore and started firing his own handgun. The wolf continued the fight among the humans.

"You wouldn't happen to have another one of those boxes, would you?" Davide asked, jerking to the side as a bullet pinged off the stair railing and ricocheted away.

"Won't work here," Straton replied, before turning his attention to Reine, who was struggling to try to move herself further down the staircase, to the wolf. "Stay down, dangit!" he snarled, "There's no point in us getting shot at if you don't stay safe!" He yanked Reine down as another bullet sped past, and the girl looked at him with wide eyes, even as his attention moved back to Davide. "I don't have any tricks up my sleeve here, and we all know there's no point in bringing a knife to a gun fight." Despite the fact he was concentrating on not getting shot, Davide actually laughed.

"I'll make you a deal--you only have to fight what I can't shoot." There was a sudden series of bangs as Davide squeezed the trigger of his gun, and cries of surprise were abruptly cut off into silence. Straton felt Reine tremble under his hand when no other sounds came.

"Don't think, don't look, just keep moving," Straton ordered before pulling her back up. As he followed her down the stairs with Davide, he continued to advise her with the same words until the wolf greeted her at the foot of the stairs, bumping his head against the large mass of her dress' skirt, the fur around his muzzle red and pink. Davide moved forward ahead of them, peeking through the door to the lobby and swearing softly as he shut it.

"There are more. Several more. Getting across and to the door will be tricky, and it will be even more difficult to manage an escape once they know that's where we're going."

"I can stall them in the tunnels once Ash follows us," Reine said suddenly, voice trembling. "Don't ask how, Davide, please, but I can do it..." she twisted her head to fix her gaze on Straton, looking both scared and unsure. "Can't I? If it's just the floor? That would be acceptable here, wouldn't it? They wouldn't...for that?" They both knew what she was skipping over, and when the wolf snarled, Straton realized her brother was well aware that she had only just avoided saying 'They wouldn't kill me for that?' as well. Davide, however, was clueless and annoyed that the girl was looking to Straton for permission for something.

"What are you talking about?" the older guard demanded to know, but Straton wasn't paying attention.

"You're going to ask me permission?" He snorted and cast his eyes up the stairway. "How am I supposed to know what is and isn't acceptable? Besides, you know I..." He stopped. How did he say he hated what she could do in front of Davide? How did he say he didn't want to mess this up? How did he say he didn't want her to ask for permission? "Thin layer, just enough to slip on, and it has to melt. I'm sure they'll have a field day cleaning up whatever damage Ashfinger does anyway, and if it means we have a better chance of getting you to safety, go ahead. If it doesn't work, we're all likely to die anyway." The wolf snarled at his bluntness and Reine shivered.

"What are you two talking about?" Davide demanded again, to which Reine answered.

"Sorry, Davide. Can't explain that." The guard opened his mouth to object, only for Straton to cut in.

"We need to move soon. How many can you take out from the moment we open the door?" he asked, throwing Davide off.

"A few, but Ashfinger--"

"Davide, there are several factors that went into both he and I being chosen to guard Reine. I assure you that, had he the time and no Reine to protect, Ashfinger could likely fix this situation by himself. We need to move, he'll follow." At least, I hope so--I'm trusting him to make sure I don't shot in the back, Fae or not. Straton was just hoping Davide wouldn't continue to fight him. Soon enough, he had a feeling someone would realize the gunshots had meant the people who had been waiting for them had lost and they would lose their only possible advantage--that of surprise. The older guard sighed and produced another clip for his handgun.

"Remember, you fight what I miss. Straight across and into the basement, no detours. Ready? On three." Straton placed a hand on Reine's shoulder again, free hand tightly gripping the steel dagger in his other hand. On the girl's other side, the wolf tense, ready to run and looking as terrifying as an angry member of his assumed species would be. When Davide hit three, he shoved the door open and took two shots before moving forward with surprising speed. Straton shot out after him, pushing Reine ahead, between them, and into the building's large lobby area.

There was little room to really hide, however. The lobby shot for a kind of stereotypical old Grecian style, walls painted white, floor covered in marble tile, and columns lining the wall at some predetermined length. On one side of the glass entrance was a small block of space marked off as the security station by collapsible walls--not a smart decision, Straton noted once again. On the other side was a reception desk, the receptionist now absent from her station, and some chairs off to the side meant to be a waiting area where a large fish tank was set into the wall.

Reply shots were fired immediately, but the group was no longer where they had been when they first exited. "Get her cover, if you can," Davide ordered, prompting Straton to pull Reine towards the space between a column and a bookcase that held books featuring past photo shoots. It was the most easily defensible place in the room, even if it was a bit noticeable...

He turned his head for a second as Reine cried out after the wolf yet again. "He knows what he's doing--stop trying to shelter him! You can't keep--" Straton stopped speaking and whipped around as a soft click sounded behind him. As he watched, all the color; everything remotely human about Reine melted away, leaving a too-pale girl with skin like ice and nearly colorless eyes in place of the perfect human model she had looked like before. Upon turning towards the sound, he found the barrel of a pistol in his face, a human man who looked to be a little older than him gripping it.

Okay, it was really noticeable.

Straton had faced down a lot of things, but a gun so close that he probably could have touched it with his nose? The idea honestly terrified him. "Give me Reine Gisela."

"I'm sorry, as much as I would love to hand Reine over to you, I would lose my job and there are several humans and a wolf that would likely kill me for letting you have her," Straton replied, trying to stall and think--maybe discover why they were after Reine. Behind him, freezing hands grabbed fistfuls of his jacket. A look of perplexion spread over the man's face.

"You said know the truth. You know she's a monster."

"I wouldn't say she's a monster, the term can be applied to anything with the right temperament, human included, and she doesn't have that temperament. She is not human, true, but she is also not a monster," he said almost conversationally, causing the man to become irritated.

"She shouldn't exist! You should be willing to hand her over to us!" he shouted, waving the gun in front of Straton's face. The demon hunter flinched back, into Reine, who was still clutching handfuls of his jacket.

"I do believe that's the exact opposite of what my job is to do, so as much as I might agree with you, I really can't let you take her." He felt one of the hands gripping his jacket let go as he watched the man's face redden.

"I will shoot you right here, right now, and you won't have to worry about your job ever again, how about it?" the man snarled.

"The wolf scares me more. Go ahead and shoot me--at least I won't have failed if you kill me."

"No!" Reine gasped from behind him, and the next thing Straton knew, the Yuki-onna was leaning around him and grabbing the gunman's wrist with a bare, pale, and almost glittering hand. "I'm sorry," she whispered as she looked at the man and held on as a layer of frost spread across his skin like fire would consume paper. Belatedly, Straton realized she was freezing the man, keeping him from shooting or harming anyone else. She was doing what her kind were known for, and specifically what she should never have done, and saving both of them in the process. Despite the fact he should have been revolted, should have stopped her, all he could do was feel a sick kind of relief. He would not die now, though he knew he would have to explain later why she had been allowed to do exactly what she had been monitored for in the beginning, and he now owed the nonhuman girl he was supposed to be protecting against his will his life.

When she let go of the man, Reine was trembling. "I had to," Straton heard her whisper. "I had to to keep him from shooting Straton. To keep him from hurting me. I had to..." It seemed he wasn't the only one shocked by the whole thing, but Straton couldn't let the shock get to him.

"I shouldn't do this, and Davide is going to throw a fit, however," Straton reached out and tried to twist the gun out of the gunmanís hand with no success. Annoyed and seemingly having no sympathy for the man who had pointed it at him, Straton tilted the frozen body, flicking the safety on the gun and pivoted the body, slamming the gunmanís frozen hand against the wall and shattering it, freeing the gun. Reine made a small sound that might have been in surprise or shock, but he didnít really care. ďIím not having someone point a gun in my face again. Iím the bodyguard, not you.Ē

Aileena Crowfeather
Warlock; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: Haybalebarn

Thunk. Aileena jerked into awareness, unsettling Alois in a flurry of feathers and inhuman shrieks. Looking over to the werewolf on the couch, Aileena found that Nora hadn't moved an inch.

"What the heck?" she asked, finally getting up with Alois perched on her shoulder. "That was the window, wasn't it?" she asked out loud, though she got no reply, Alois being just as confused at her. Slowly, she rose from her chair and moved to the window, gathering magic in one hand and readying herself for an attack. When she reached the window, however, she saw nothing out of the ordinary outside of it.

"If I unlatch the window, will you check to see if everything's okay?" she asked, glancing to the crow on her shoulder.

"'Course, Leena," the bird croaked, in reply. The moment Aileena reached down and unlatched the window, Alois hopped to the ledge and waited for her to open it for him. She lifted up the glass with one hand, slowly, the other hand ready to fire magic if she needed to. She was powerful, she would not be taken down by petty humans, especially when she had someone else to protect. As soon as there was room, her crow launched himself out the window. Aileena watched Alois flew around the building until he was out of sight, and then watched as he swooped lower to the ground. That was where she lost him among the darkness of the ground for a few moments before he flew back up to the window.

"Hurt bird down there, Leena. Bird like us." Aileena frowned and looked back at the sleeping werewolf on her couch. "Going to help?"

The warlock sighed and brushed her fingers along her wings, making them invisible once more. It wasn't really a decision, it was an obligation--just as her father took care of his demon crows, she took care of any bird she came across. Come on, Alois. We're going outside to go get the bird."

She locked her door with magic before she exited, and shivered in the night air. Aileena hadn't even bothered to put on shoes before leaving. Alright, Alois, where is this bird?" she asked. Immediately, the crow hopped off her shoulder and glided to a bush under her window.

"Here. Bird under bush." Following him, Aileena crouched down in front of the bush and pushed the branches aside, allow herself to light up the area with her hand very dimly. On the ground, she could clearly see a raven, though she got the sense it wasn't a normal bird.

"Now what do we have here...?" She asked softly, wondering why on earth the bird hand flown into her window to begin with.

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