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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Okay, first, I just wanna say that I am 100% perfect with WAR being on PXR. However, I do not wish this will mean we will not have WAR XII on PE2K. As Neo and a few of us have said, we wish this could be PE2K's last hurrah before transferring. I mean, Ryan could come back, maybe stay for a few months, but then, PE2K will be in this same predicament, with PXR as a glowing haven, truly making it PE2K's death site. Ryan coming back has a very low chance. Very low. And if he does come back, he might stay long enough until PXR launches, but this will make PXR PE2K's death site. Not that I have anything against PXR! I'm working on it! :L Anyways, but Ryan would leave again for a possible long period of time, long enough to have everyone transfer over to BMG, Serebii, and PXR. So, yeah, anyone up for a possible two WARs, one here and one on PXR?

Also, Corey, I know you like dem even numbers...

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