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The Pre-Game Episode!!! The all important Intoduction!

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Tamriel!

Hi... Who are you?... And what is Tamriel?

I am Akatosh! I am considered the chief diety here in Tamriel.

Akatosh... Chief Diety... Tamriel... What is going on?

This world is inhabited by creatures... that can now be caught and wielded as weapons against your enemies. These "Pocket Monsters" are quite similar to the Pokemon of your games. You can treat them as pets if you wish... I honestly don't care. Feel free to send them against anything and everything... Pokemon don't seem to die... so your beasts have been blessed with a divine spark. Don't press your luck mortal!

Pokemon? What? I just wanted catch a Charmander...

Now What is your name? Wait don't tell me, I don't care. This Dragon here, my firstborn, I believe he was your rival? What was his name again?

What? A Dragon is my RIVAL!? How is that fair?... He is your son... How the hell am I supposed to know?

Oh and because this isn't the world of Pokemon, I will break from the generic bull crap. Alduin will be your Rival, and you will go on a Pokemon Jouney in Skryim. Now wake the hell up, and start your Pokemon Journey with these non-Pokemon creatures! Oh and your right to a starter has been revoked.

What... Wake Up?... NOOOOOOO...
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