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Default The Pokemon of Skyrim

Heyo Dragotech here! This will be a play-through of Skyrim that will rely on certain mods.

The Mods that will be incorporated will include:
1. Go! Pokeball!- The primary mod used for this play-through. It will allow the capture of animals, monters, humanoids, and dragons. They will be used as the "Pokemon."
2. Argonian Raptor Feet- an aesthetic mod that changes the feet of Argonians to match that of a raptor's.
3. Massive NPC Overhaul (marriage and followers)- modifies certain NPCs to make them more attractive aesthetically
4. Get Drunk- A rather humorous mod that allows the player to get drunk for a short period of time.
5. Heavy Armory- It adds several new weapon types to those already available.
6. Clutterbash- a humorous mod that allows you to use a lot of rather unusual weapons. As in pots, pans, and just about everything you wish you could hit stuff with!

The rules:
1. No mods that allow the player to "Cheat."
2. No console commands to "Cheat."
3. So mostly no cheating.

Unfortunately I cannot write, post, or do anything while Skyrim is active.
Feedback is appreciated! If you guys enjoy this, the more reason to keep doing it.

Here is the character sheet:

Name: Dragotech
Race: Argonian
Gender: Male

Current Equipment:

Head: Leather Helmet
Torso: Leather Armor
Arms: Leather Guantlets
Feet: Leather Boots
Ring: Silver Garnet Ring
Necklace: Amulet of Julianos
Shield: N/A
Primary Weapon 1: Steal Halberd
Primary Weapon 2: N/A
Arrows: Iron

1. Spider/Frostbite Spider
2. Wolfie/Wolf
3. Joshie/Bunny
6. Nixon/Wounded Giant Frostbite Spider

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