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Name: Subject Zero (Real Name: Alexander Ryans)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Does your character have an ability? Yes
If your character has an ability then what is it? Psionic Manipulation- Due to the wide variety of Subject Zero's psychic capabilities, they are considered the most powerful psychic in the world. Coupled in with having been confined to a cell since he was three, and having excessive genetic tests done on him, his psychic stamina is freaklishly powerful. The more extremes of his power capabilities would practically kill Subject Zero(i.e. destroying all matter around him as an example, since it requires ENORMOUS amounts of psychic stamina to do so), whilst the lower end of the spectrum can be flung around without any adverse affects. He has yet to achieve a state where he can use all aspects of Psionic Manipulation, since some of them are unstable in a confined environment.
Is your character working for The Company? No
Clothes whilst in Orion Institute
Personality: Alexander's sense of morality is badly skewed, as he is unable to see any of his actions as wrong, due to his long time as an experiment for the Company. He doesn't see anybody as innocent, moreover he tends to associate those around him as just objects within a room. He despises anybody associated with the Company, and his only interactions with other people that he knows of are those from the Company, so he does not like or trust anybody that he meets. If you're on his bad side, he can be incredibly cruel and twisted, seeming to take enjoyment out of making you suffer.

Due to his lack of seeing any of his actions as wrong, he has the potential to go on a rampage and slaughter anybody he sees fit. His aggressive attitude would make him appear to be a delinquent of some sort if he were in a school. Alexander is almost like a completely different person with a friend, as he tends to be more laid-back than he normally acts, and can at times be genuinely kind.
History: Alexander Ryans was originally born to an important member of the Company, Dr. Arthur Ryans, a key scientist and researcher into the aspects of Human Evolution. After a study was done on Alexander, it was discovered he had a much more active mind that the average adult, and this was being only a week old. As such, his father performed experiments on his brain, practically stunting his emotional sectors of his brain to the extent that he lost almost all sense of morality. Whilst doing this, his father unleashed Alexander's Psionic capabilities when he was four, the result of this the complete destruction of everything within the lab, including all the staff inside. This 'unlocking' of his Psionic capabilities further accelerated his mind's capabilities to a level comparable to Hawkings, however he actually lacked any knowledge for the capabilities to be used on.

When it was discovered of what had happened in the lab, his father handed him over to the higher-ups in the Company, and he was sent to the Orion Institute, a place set up to discover the Psionic capabilities of individuals. He was the first put there, and spent the next 10 years in solitary confinement learning the bare basics of school subjects,. Over time, more psychic individuals had been placed at Orion Institute, though nobody had the wide range of capabilities that the newly dubbed 'Subject Zero' had. One day, when Zero was released, he ended up in a confrontation with another 'student' who had the capability of creating and manipulating Psychic Fire. Zero ended up eradicating the mind of the 'student', turning them into a lifeless husk, and had managed to absorb the knowledge from the 'student' of how to control Psychic Fire. This was deduced to be a sub-area of another Psionic power, Knowledge Replication, except that it came from living subjects rather than inanimate data carriers, and resulted in the mental death of the data carrier(This ability became known as Knowledge Absorption, with Zero as the only known one with this capability). For the brief week leading up to the incident he had been taken off the medication that kept his Psionic stamina to an almost deadly low level, and his Psionic Stamina had shot back up to its normal levels, though nobody realised he had returned to his full Psionic capabilities.

After this incident, he was returned to solitary confinement, where he was reacquainted with further abuse and mistreatment, his mind becoming twisted and hateful for all those around him within the facility upon his mind realising that he had been drugged for his entire time within the Institute, and he began plotting his escape, and exacting revenge upon those that had damned him
RP sample: click
Other: Kei7137

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