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Default Re: Pokerus Empire:Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
wow, some OG's have come back haha, haven't seen either name in a loong time

If i remember right, i helped you build one of your first competitive teams?

it's been a while, you're more than welcome to hang out even before gen VI comes out, it's been pretty dead here, with basically eevee and I the only ones posting, so any and all activity would be awesome
That's right, woah that was a while ago! And sure! I hope this place gets more alive though when Gen VI is releases, Im sure it will.
I had a good easter, chocolate and Uni work, that pretty much sums it up. On my final module for the first year of my games design course at the moment, busy busy busy! O:
April's Fools was pretty good, managed to fool 3 people! XD
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