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Default Re: Cobalt's Platinum Nuzlocke

Chapter 4: To Jubilife City


*Jacob and Chuck are walking through Sandgem town*
"So where were you before Rowan gave you to me?"
"I don't know. I never left the pokeball. The Psycho must have taken my egg, and put me in a pokeball the moment I hatched."
"Wow, that's messed up"
"By the way, did you tell your mum you were leaving?"
"You didn't did you?"
"To be fair, it's a safe bet she would be drunk and would forget by tomorrow regardless."
*Jacob and Chuck enter Route 202*
"Hey, there's Dawn!"
"Hey Jacob, I've been waiting for you."
"Dawn. So you finally realised you want to play my Pokeflute?"
"Yeah, definately!"
"No. Professor Rowan asked me to teach you how to catch a Pokemon."
"That's nice of you. I appreciate it."
"Wow, I wasn't expecting a mature response. I was expecting another terrible pickup line."
"Are you doing a demonstration? I have some masterballs you can use..."
*Sigh* "I spoke too soon. Well since I will vomit if I have to be near you too much longer, here are the Pokeballs the professor asked me to give you. Teach yourself."
"By the way Dawn, where are you headed?"
"As far away from you as possible.
*Dawn Leaves*
"Smooth as sandpaper Jacob, Smooth as Sandpaper."
"She wants me Chuck, she just doesn't know it yet. Anyway, I had better catch some Pokemon. Sorry Chuck, but you are too strong. I will just chuck the pokeballs at them until I catch them.
"Well you are the expert of chucking balls around. Or at least trying to..."
"Wow... That hurt..."
*A wild Kircketot Appeared!*
*Jacob threw a Pokeball whilst spamming A and B*
*Kircketot was captured*
Jacob called Kricketot Peter
"Welcome to the team Pete!"
Ya man."
"Wait, I got a British fire monkey, and a Jamaican Bug?
"I know it's your imagination and all, but what's a monkey?
"Long Story. Anyway, I filled my quota here. To the Lake Verity!"
*Jacob and Co went to Lake Verity*
"...So that's what a Monkey is, Chuck."
"Well my mind is blown. None of this is real?"
*Wild Starly appeared*
*Jacob threw a pokeball Whilst Spamming A and B*
*Starly escaped!*
*Jacob threw a Pokeball whilst spamming A and B*
*Starly was caught!
*Jacob called the Starly Ellie
"Let me guess. French accent?"
"Wait, this one doesn't talk?"
"Nah' I'm just messing with you."
"But you talking is my imagination. Is that me, messing with me?"
*Ellie Shrugs*
"Anyway Route 201, then we head for Jubilife."
*Jacob and Co go to Route 201
*Wild Bidoof Appears!
*Jacob threw a pokeball and Spammed A and B
*Bidoof Escaped
*Jacob threw a pokeball and Spammed A and B
*Bidoof Escaped
*Jacob threw a pokeball and Spammed A and B
*Bidoof Was Captured
*Jacob named the Bidoof Jaye
"Wait, back the hell up, why is my name spelt with the feminine spelling? I'm a guy!
"Jaye and I have a joke that she is a Bidoof with no soul. Sorry bro, blame the y-chromosome."
"Anyway, I have a team now. Time to grind like hell!"
Training Montage (I might make my own training Montage video)

*Ellie Evolved into Staravia

*Wild Shinx appeared
*Go Peter!

Two minutes later
"Rest in peace Peter. Your Jamaican accent will be missed.

*Jacob and Co travel to Jubilife City
"Oh crap it's you!"
"Hey Dawn."
"How are you?"
"How are you? No disgusting pickup line?"
"Are you sick?"
"No, my Kricketot just died."
"Oh. I'm so sorry?"
"We should make like a Super Rod, and hook up."
"You couldn't let it slide, could you?"
"Well you could prove useful..."
"Whataya mean?"
"There is this weird guy over behind the light pole. He keeps giving me strange looks. Would you mind staying with me while I am in the city?"
"Sure but first..."
"If you come out with some pickup line, I will take my chances with the creep by the lightpole."
"I'm no creep! I'm a member of the international police! But at the moment, I am undercover, hiding from the alien mothership!"
*sarcasm*"Right. And he is my boyfriend."
"Am I really that repulsive?"
"Repulsive is too nice of a word."
"The aliens have been watching me for years. Now the mothership has come to earth. And I know why..."
"Well this ought to be interesting..."
"They want my secret Poffin recipe!"
"Your Poffin recipe?"
"My Poffin Recipe!"
"And why are they after your Poffin Recipe?"
"So they can use it to form an alliance with all of earths Pokemon, and take over the world."
"Right. Well we would love to stay and hear about your secret Poffin recipe, but I would rather listen to Jacob shamelessly hit on me, so we had best be off."
"They are coming, I tell you!"
*Jacob and Dawn leave*
"Well he is... Interesting."
"He's mental. Anyway, I know your friend Moron is around here somewhere."
"He isn't my friend."
"Really? I could have sworn he said..."
"He's not my friend."
"I don't wanna know. Anyway he is around somewhere. You should probably head to Oreburgh City next. Seeing as you need the badge from there to actually make any progress."
"Isn't that kinda stupid?"
"I could say the same thing about your pickup lines. Anyway, I had better get going. Bye."
*Dawn leaves*
"Well I guess I better get moving as well then."
"You sir? Are you a trainer?"
"Who me? Yeah, I'm a trainer."
"You call yourself a trainer, yet you have no poketch?"
"Excuse me?"
"Every REAL trainer has a Poketch!"
"How about I prove I'm a trainer by kicking your ass?"
"You touch me, and I will have you taken to the police station?"
"By who? That retard by the lightpole?"
"The Aliens are real I tell you!"
"Look kid, I will ask you three questions, and if you get them all right, you get a free Poketch."
"You know you could have said that without insulting me?"
"Yeah, but I'm rich, so I need to insult you lower class people.
"First question: Does a pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining EXP. Points?"
"Second Question: Can a Pokemon Hold an item?"
"Yes. Are all the questions this stupidly easy?"
"What are you talking about? I thought of them myself?"
"What a surprise."*Sarcasm*
"Question three: Just like Pokemon types, the moves of Pokemon also have types. True or False?"
"You answered all three correctly. Here is your Poketch."
"That's nice and all, but can you please get out of my way?"
*Jacob Received the Poketch
"Hey Jacob!"
"Ah crap..."
"I have been training my pokemon. We should battle!"
"Will you get out of my way if I win?"
"Maybe, I haven't thought that far ahead yet.
*You are Challenged by Pokemon Trainer Moron!
*Pokemon Trainer Moron sent out Starly (lvl 7)
*Go Ellie (Lvl 14)
*The foes Starly used quick attack. It did 3 damage.
*Ellie used Wing Attack. It killed the weakling!
*Pokemon Trainer Moron sent out Piplup (lvl 9)!
*Go Chuck (lvl 14)!
*Chuck used Mach Punch! It took away just under half of the opponents health.
*Piplup used Growl
*Chuck used Mach Punch again. It did the same damage.
*Piplup used Growl again
*Chuck used Mach Punch again. It finally killed Piplup.
*Player defeated Pokemon Trainer Moron

"How did your pokemon get so strong?"
"While you were reading books at the trainer school, I was mercilessly killing wild pokemon to strengthen my own. Remember kids, hurt the weak to become strong!


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