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Default Re: Cobalt's Platinum Nuzlocke

Chapter 1: The Never-Ending Interrogation


"Welcome to the world of Pokemon. My name is Rowan."
Let me guess, everyone calls you the Pokemon Professor
"However, everyone just calls me the Pokemon Professor."
Just like they called Oak, Elm and Birch the Pokemon Professor?
"Listen you little smartass, shut up and let me continue my monologue!"
"Well, this is new..."
"Probably because all the other trainers aren't such smart ass'"
"Fair point. Continue."
This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokemon."
"I know that, I have been training them since before you were programmed."
"Jacob! Don't break the fourth wall!"
"Fourth wall? We have one of those?"
"Anyway, are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that."
"What do you think I am?"
"Listen Jacob, just answer the damn question so we can leave this section of the game."
"I thought we weren't allowed to break the fourth wall?"
"Answer the damn question!"
"I'm a boy. And you are mentally defective."
"So you're a boy?"
"No."*Insert Sarcasm here*
"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"They let any idiot here be a professor don't they?"
"A girl?"
*Headdesk*"I'm a boy..."
"All right, so you're a boy?
"Tell me, what is your name?"
"Your name is ...?"
"You said my name about four times earlier..."
"Your name is ...?"
"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"Are you freaking serious?!"
Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"All right, so you're a boy?"
"Tell me, what is your name?"
"Your name is Jacob?"
"OK... So, you're Jacob?"
"A fine name that is!"
"Are you sure you still remember it?"
"Now, this boy here... I believe he's your friend."
"No I have never met him before."
"What might his name be?"
"I don't know. He looks like a moron."
"Moron, is it? That's your friend's name?"
"Yes... My friends name is Moron..."
"Your journey is about to begin...."*Insert Monologue here*

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