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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase! **PLEASE post! Critique others' work and post your ow

Originally Posted by Aquarius322 View Post
Finished another one. Squirtle this time.

I really like your spriting style, I must say. I couldn't do a scratch-sprite for my life. Imo the lines are a bit light, though. It was kind of hard to see some of them without zooming in xD


Anyway, haven't tried spriting in a while, haven't been here in a while either (I hardly know any of the people here any more) so I guess I'll start off with the derpiest recolor I've ever done. Of the derpiest Pokemon I can think of, Magicarp.

(I only did a recolor because I haven't sprited in a while, and I don't really want to start off with a fusion or whatever you call it nowdays, but hey, Green Magicarp.)

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