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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Well forgive me, but I'm really not the type to stand by and watch what I consider to be some serious BS happen. I never asked to take over WAR myself though, and it would be nice to keep that in mind. I'll end it at that, however.

I can agree to Corey's suggestion. It's fully reasonable, and works for me. Thanks for settling this, I was probably crossing lines at this point.

And yeah, Harry's project seems like it'll work out really well. He's a great leader and it's all laid out well, plus he's got a lot of great minds aboard. It's made a lot of progress in the relatively short time since it started, though I don't know if it'll be ready for WAR. More importantly, though, I just feel like it would be sentimentally right to at least have one more WAR on PE2k. Like, we're so close to the WAR time, so I'd rather just finish it out here with one final WAR. For old time's sake, etc. It may not be ideal because of Pe2k's lag and stuff like that, but I just feel that would be a thing that would be cool to do. Maybe just me, idk.
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