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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Alright, let me try and help you guys with this, because this is not a good way to handle ourselves or move forward, we need to get this behind us so we can progress, please. I am glad everyone is passionate about WAR, but if we stay stuck on this topic, it will progress into a hostile environment. I get that everyone is concerned about WAR, what will happen, how it will play out, but we need to move forward to actually have a WAR. If we linger on one topic, that will prohibit us from getting anywhere.

I understand that everyone here is invested in the War. After all, we all have fond and wonderful memories from such an event. It is one of our favorite parts of this place and we want to cherish and retain such feelings.

Transitioning into WAR XII is certain to cause doubt, uncertainty, and what not. Even more so, because we are moving to a new forum, which is uncertain of activity and success. As we are moving into this new WAR on this new forum, no one knows what lies beyond this point. We are not sure how successful the forum will be, much less how active our WAR will be. Everyone involved is working very very diligently to increase our odds at being successful.

We are all acquainted well, we know one another from past WARS, past forum experiences, or even real life experiences. We desire this to be a success and are united in this same goal. For that reason, I'd like to encourage us to work together in harmony to accomplish this task. We can only progress if we unite. If we stand divided on one topic, then we stand divided on WAR itself. Only is everyone comes together to make this work as best it can, will WAR succeed.

PE2K is dying and we've known that for awhile now, which is why we're attempting to make a new forum, to get us back to the good times, and the times we all loved. To transition the WAR to a new place will require all of our efforts and time. A bounty of teamwork and cooperation for to do otherwise would result in the death of this saga that we all cherish.

To that end, I ask that we take a step back for a moment and consider that while we all do care, we should remain respectful. Remain friends and comrades. Understand each other's ideas and perspectives without the need for insults or harsh words or actions. We are the guardians of the War and as such, must surely stand together in these trying times. And the only way to do so is through understanding, through cooperation, and through compassion for our fellow members. We must voice our opinions to make this the most successful WAR yet, but we must do so respectfully, in a calm and contained matter.

There is room for compromise and middle ground. There is also a way for everyone to win and have what they want. It's merely a matter of discussing things out. We have to progress, and we can only do so by discussing.

A possible solution here, for example, and you certainly don't have to use this if there are better ideas, is to allow silly teams, but ask that they create a serious roleplaying profile if they have members that wish to participate in the War RP. Thus everyone is happy. The creative teams have a chance to enjoy their teams while the serious roleplayers maintain the strong atmosphere and environment they desire. WAR is all in good fun, to achieve WAR, we must look at it as fun and friendly, not hostile and divided.

When we cooperate and work together, we can come up with solutions that meet the desires of everyone and thus not only create harmony, but joy for all those participating, making it a better experience for everyone involved, and thus, creating cherished memories.

As ironic as it sounds, to create WAR, we must first have peace.
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