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Default Cobalt's Platinum Nuzlocke

Cobalt's Platinum Nuzlocke

"Another Nuzlocke Jacob? This is your third one..."
I failed the earlier two. I am ashamed to say I hacked, and gave my Gallade about 20 extra lives when grinding. I will finish this one or die trying!
"You don't really think it will come to that do you?"
Will it? Now I am scared...
"Anywho so what are the rules of this Nuzlocke?"
~ When a Pokemon faints, it is dead.
~The only pokemon available to capture are the first pokemon that isn't registered in the pokedex from each route, and shinies
~Pokemon must be nicknamed
~After defeating the Elite four for the first time, 6 pokemon can be ressurected
~After getting the gold symbol for a battle frontier facility, one pokemon can be ressurected.
~Death in battle Frontier Facilities doesn't count.
~If a HM is required to progress, but you have no pokemon available to use the HM, you may catch one, but box it when the HM isn't needed.
"Funny, those are the same rules as your last ones."
Shut up...
"Well this is all fine and dandy, but you are forgetting one thing."
Whats that?
"You left your DS at your dads house..."
<Insert rude word here>
"I thought you would say that."
We are the same person you idiot. Of course you would know.
"I really wish you wouldn't post at 2am."
Why's that?
"You aren't the brightest crayon in the packet most of the time. Being sleep deprived doesn't help."
Who are you to say I am sleep deprived?
"I am you. I thought we went through this?"
What else am I supposed to do at 2am then?
"I don't know. Sleep like the rest of us?"
... Don't even go there...
"Maybe you should ride your bike to your dads and get the DS tomorrow? You haven't left the house all holidays"
The people don't need to know that.
"Well you were the one who told them."
I hate it when you're right...

Entry 1 will be up tomorrow.

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