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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation

This is the last one, I promise.

Name: Ella
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Does your character have an ability? Yes
If your character has an ability then what is it? Telepathy and the ability to create realtistic, escapable Illusions
Is your character working for The Company? No
Appearance: Ella is relatively short, 5ft 2, and slender. She has long blonde hair that is usually kept down, in an untidy manner. At least one of her bright blue eyes is hard to spot behind her messy hair. Her face is somewhat childlike, with a look of innocence to it. Even though her family has enough money to give her everything she wants, she mostly wears jeans, tshirt and a hoodie.

Personality: Ella lacks the social skills of most people. She tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and doesn't read the unsaid messages people say with their expressions, pronounciation and body language. She sometimes doesn't understand sarcasm. However if she chooses to read said persons mind, she will know what they are implying.

Though she looks young and innocent, she is far from it. The things she has read in peoples mind, and the experiences she has had have made her far from it. Ella is generally friendly, and if she sees someone in need, she will try and help them. However there is a dark side to her. If someone wrongs her, she will read their mind, and force them to live their own worst nightmare. She is quick to trust somebody, but will be hurt easily.

Ella is somewhat childish. She is fun loving, and loves adventure, which she rarely experiences being stuck in the mansion for weeks at a time. She can be somewhat impulsive, yet stubborn. Small things will make her want something, and she won't rest until she has it,.
History: Ella is the daughter of a rich politician and his wife. All of her life she was sheltered from the world, hardly ever leaving her families mansion. She was tutored instead of going to school, and her only friends were the children of other politicians, who she hardly got to see. By the time she was allowed to leave the house alone, it was already too late for her. Due to not being around children her own age often, Ella didn't have as good social skills as other people her age. She struggled to make friends out in the real world.

Ella has known of her power her whole life. She didn't know how she found out about it, or how she learnt to use it, but has been able to read the minds of others, and plant illusions into their minds for as long as she can remember.

When Ella was 12, she was kidnapped. Her kidnappers took her away to an abandoned building. There were four men, all armed with guns in the room, making sure nobody got in or out of the building. One of them called her parents, demanding ransom. But before anyone else could organise her safe escape from the hands of the kidnappers, Ella did herself.

She read the minds of the kidnappers, finding one of them was married, with two young children. She then planted an Illusion in his mind. She made him think that the other three kidnappers were police officers, shooting at him. Believing they were police, he killed them. Then Ella changed the image in his head. Instead of the men's bodies on the ground, she changed them to those of his wife and children. She made him see her family and his own, blaming him for killing them. The man broke down and started crying, and Ella continued to force these images into his head, until he turned the gun onto himself.

Ella walked out of the building, where the police were waiting for her, telling the police that the kidnappers got into an arguement about how much money everyone was getting, and ended up turning on eachother.

Since then, Ella has become more curious of the world she lives in. She wants to explore it more, without being on a leash. She wants to live like everyone else, and take care of herself. 4 months ago she ran away from home. Using her abilities of illusion, managed to get herself a flight to New York, and is currently renting an apartment there.

RP sample: Same as Blaise's
Other: do I really have to put in that kiei1373 or whatever it is :P

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