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Default Re: New Rule Re: Basic Battles

Adding on to what Monbrey said, I'd like to point out that there are upsides to forum battling too.

We've sort of evolved into this 'fast, fast, fast' mindset and have discouraged doing anything on the forum, especially for hustling newer players into evolving their starter right away. I think in doing that, we've lost some of the appreciation of what this role playing game is supposed to be about. Instead of spending ten minutes to instantly evolve a mon, why not appreciate every battle that mon goes through? This is a story telling game, after all.

In fact, I remember when players used to role play their moves in forum battles more often. I think we should bring it back: both forum battling and the role play aspect. This is a great way to expand on creativity and just have a little fun. Encourage your opponents and refs to do it too! You can build character and create back-stories for you and your team, the whole purpose of a role play. While this is more easily done on the forum, it can be done in AIM battles too! All it takes is something as simple as calling your mon by its nickname.

Part of the reason why there is some disquiet is probably because this was a sudden change, especially those that learned this way to begin with, and I understand that. However, this problem has been growing since permabasics began, and I think we'll be able to adapt to it. The URPG has always been about reward for effort, and the old perma system wasn't honoring that. Equal effort should be expended for gains.

That being said, there's no reason you guys can't do a 2v2 with your permas still, if you want to keep them in that form. You even get normal 1k/500 pay for them. Then, you can make the battle even more interesting and fun while helping out someone else too.

The changes will take some getting used to, but I think we'll be fine. All of you adapt to other changes remarkably well, and I think this will be another of them. All we need is a little spice in our battles.


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