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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

For a bunch of guys that insist on making a ridiculous WAR team, you sure get deadly serious about trying to defend it...

Originally Posted by Nitro
It's not just that some people don't care about the WAR. It's that, no matter how much that one section, any section, is worth, why should "nonsense" teams be sacrificed for the sake of that one section? And also, doesn't each RP offer its own context? I can't really imagine the gimmick a team is based around being something that honestly factors in too much, and even then, I find that to be a fault with the RP section rather than the team.

The teams are above the RP and are bigger concepts, and so logically, the RP should be the one trying to accommodate the other. The problem is, I find that many of today's most outspoken WAR participants are RP elitists (i.e. Neo, Bron, rust) that place more emphasis than is healthy on that one section as opposed to other sections, and that leads to a less-than-ideal WAR that revolves more around the RP than other sections. The RP should be one of the highest scoring sections, if not the most high scoring section, for the work involved, but at some point, you do need to draw a line.

It's not just for the RP, but like I said, that section would get affected the most and just makes it needlessly hard on the poor guy that has to come up with the storyline. Also, just because you guys don't really take part in the RP doesn't mean it's just okay to expect everyone to "deal with it." It gets out of place.

Again, it's hard for an RP to accommodate even just four normal teams, never mind three normal teams and then one really ridiculous one. I invite you to try it, it's not easy. Not to mention you need to make it a really darn good RP that most people will enjoy.

I'm not at all bummed out parody WARs don't happen, I like the competition of the "real" WARs. But, I don't see how that's relative to "nonsense" teams. In the Octopus Babies WAR, Octopus Babies thrived and won the WAR with high activity and quality production across many different sections. I think that's a WAR well won, compared to some years where a large portion of a team's points came from the RP and judging. Tell me how a nonsense team is better for other occasions when they can perform in the WAR at just as high a level as the serious teams.

It doesn't make a difference whether Octopus Babies won the WAR. I've seen teams win the WAR simply by taking part in all the sections that other teams didn't take part in, or submitted entries when other teams had given up. Kind of like what you guys did with URPG and POL that WAR.

Just because it won doesn't make it right.

Those leagues are a business. WAR is a forum game. I think anyone can see the differences between the two.

You missed the point there. Those leagues have teams with similar and neutral-themed names, not a mix of teams with neutral names with nonsense names. It has nothing to do with business not equaling a forum game.

No one ever asked for synergy between teams, and in the competition, there is no difference made either way. WAR is a competition, nothing more and nothing less. Octopus Babies never harmed the WAR as a whole, and I've yet to see an example where any other nonsense team harmed the WAR in a way that wasn't superficial.

I seem to recall quite a few people disliking your team's nature in messengers, but I'm not going to mention names (not to mention I think a few of them left a while ago). But let's just leave it that not everyone was cool with it like you think they were. Sure, no one asked for synergy between teams, but it has been implied since the beginning.

Second, to a newcomer of the WAR, seeing teams like the nonsense ones gives them the wrong idea. Like the whole thing is just a joke and we're all just wasting our time being foolish about it. It promotes spam, degradation of quality, and other reckless behavior. And if you think I'm kidding...


And besides these, there were plenty of other cases where you guys broke the four word rule and posted complete nonsense. To a newbie, when you see the regular members doing that stuff, you begin to think that's okay and doing that kind of thing is how you're going to fit in around here. Not cool.

But the main issue is you guys think you're hilarious, but in all honesty, it's lame. Let's be honest now. Posting terribly made JPEGs, spamming, and parading around with a ridiculous team name and theme is a bad attempt at humor and you know it. Winning the WAR should be done by doing your best and having some pride in yourself and your abilities, not by making everyone else think it's a silly and stupid waste of time.

Problem is, as I said earlier, many of the most vocal participants of WAR today are RP elitists, and in some cases with some more worrisome than others, shamelessly biased. I worry about how fair a vote would be if that's what we did.

If most people vote against the idea of having goofy teams, that's because they don't want them for whatever personal reason or opinion they're entitled to have, not because they're against you or because they're biased "RP elitists." Regardless, it doesn't work to have a mix of neutral teams and goofy teams, not just because of RP-related issues. If most people are against the idea of having goofy teams and vote accordingly, sorry, but in the interest of satisfying the desires of the majority, you would have to accept it.

The only other options are a coin flip and someone in the position of authority making the decision, both of which would result in undesirable results and debates. Voting on the matter is really the only way to make the decision as fair as possible, unless you have another means in mind to settle this dispute.
Anyway, I'd hate to say it, but after reviewing the activity thread and assessing the current situation, I'm beginning to think we may not have enough people to run a traditional WAR this year. 15 means only three teams with five people, provided everyone is active and sticks through the entire WAR. Relocation or not, there would need to be a pretty hard limitation on what sections would appear to ensure they're active to at least some degree, and the only ones I think that could remain active under such limited conditions are RP, writing, and art. And I have a feeling with only three teams, most judging would be either/or decisions, or one team picking up points in an area that isn't being done by the two others. Simply put, the WAR just can't work like that where points are getting handed out by default.

I'm open to other thoughts or suggestions with regards to how to approach this, but I think there would need to be some major changes and potentially a lot of stripping down if we're still going to run it this year.

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