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Default Ballstuck [White Nuzlocke]

Just a warning: If you do not like Homestuck, turn away, this is a lot like Homestuck. Or going to be a lot like it. If you like reading Nuzlockes, but not Homestuck, try to suck it up and continue. If you like Homestuck but not reading Nuzlockes, same advice. If you like both, good for you! Continue reading.

We open up to a hazy area, in which only one person can be clearly seen.

>: Identify this mysterious woman.

Your name is AUREA JUNIPER. You just happen to be a POKEMON PROFESSOR, in which your HOBBIES involve Pokemon. The IRONY is clear. During your free time, you love to go to HAZY BACKGROUNDS and ask people about their PERSONAL INFORMATION.

>Aurea: Ask this person about their info.

You ask the person if they are a BOY or a GIRL, the standard PROFESSOR stuff.

>Aurea: Be the boy.

You are now the boy. What's this handsome gent's name?

>: Enter name.

Your name is TREBEK, IRONICALLY named after the host of JEOPARDY. Your hobbies include Pokemon, playing games, and LOGIC. More of the why the heck your mother named you after a game-show host. The PROFESSOR asks if you're sure.

>Trebek: Make sure you're a boy.

...Yep. You're definitely boy alright. As you check, you notice two other people.

>: Identify these people.

These people are CHEREN and BIANCA, who apparently don't have last names. They both follow your hobby of Pokemon, but Cheren also shares your hobby of LOGIC. It's time for adventureeeeeeeee!

>Trebek: Start adventureeeeeeee!

It opens up to your house, in which you and your friend Cheren are in your room. There seems to be a present in front of you.

>Trebek: Stare at present.

You stare at the present.

>Trebek: Be the other boy.

You're not sure what that means, but oh well. You try to be the other boy.

>Trebek: Successfully be the other boy.

You are now the other boy.


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