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Default Re: Elder Scrolls Club =D (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Skyrim, etc.)

Originally Posted by CM View Post
The druid varies from fantasy realm. Some say they're heavily magic-based, others say they'll use some weaponry. Some say they're shifters, others say they don't. But all agree they're in-tuned with nature and fight for it. They can either tank if they're shifters, be DPS with magic or weapons, or be a healer with healing spells. They can be a well rounded character if played correctly.

I'm sorry if that's not very good. I'm going off of memory from my experience in WoW, D&D, and what I found online about durids. Also I just woke up so I'm not fully here yet. Had a really rough night with a storm and thoughts about today's appointment with the vet keeping me awake.
Okay... sooooooo, I will think on that.
Restoration, Illusion, Conjuration, Destruction, Two Handed, Alchemy, and Archery?
I dunno, Imma just guessin' 'round. Lemme think on it and see if I can come up something more awesomer

Storms always suck. The vet? I didn't know you were a puppy!
JK, but that would be an interesting concept.
Good luck

Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
Ur not a real gamer unless you play PC!1!1!!!1

I disagree, and i play PC

Aaaaaaaand from that... the PC looks potentially dangerous.
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