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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [3/24 Update!]

<Good evening, readers from far and wide, to another episode of the Crystal Clear Nuzlocke! When we last left off-->

*doors slam open* DESTINY! THY NAME IS KICKBUTT!

< Get ready to hand over that badge, wimps, cuz that suckah’s ours, yo!>

<Char’s rather overdramatic entry attracts the attention of one of the Gym’s trainers, who looks rather unimpressed.>

“Heh, you? You’re kidding me, right?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll see for myself whether or not you’re tough enough to take on Falkner.”

“You asked for it, birdbrain! Beat, if you’d do the pleasures…”

<’Course, boss.> *cracks knuckles* <Start saying yer prayers, feathers—I ain’t showin’ no mercy today.>

<Bird Keeper Abe sent out Spearow—but the poor bird hardly had time to blink before a well-aimed Rock Throw knocked it out of the air. To be succinct, the battle ended as quickly as it started.>

<U mad, bro?>

“Wait, seriously? Tch, how pathetic. I lost to a rookie.”

… *pushes Abe off ledge*

*patting hands* “Now, where were we? Ah, yes. DESTINY!”

< … Uh, right.>

<While Bird Keeper Abe fell through a bottomless pit, Char continued on to the back of the gym. With Beat’s assistance, she easily cleared her way through Falkner’s Trainers and finally made her way to the Leader himself.>

“Aha! We finally meet, Falkner Skywalker! For the last time!!!”

“Er… what?”

“…Disregard all of that. I challenge you to a battle!”

“That sounds more like it. Let’s see what you can do, then! Go, Pidgey!”

<I got this, yo!>


“…Wow. That was… fast. Better bring in the cavalry.” *returns KO’d Pidgey* “Go, Pidgeotto!”

<Ha! You birds ain’t got nothing on this!>

“Mud slap!”


It’s super effective!

<Boss… I’m alright, yo.> *bar still green*

“Oh. Er, in that case… Rock Throw?”


“…Dang. There goes my Dad’s Pokemon. Oh, well. Here ya go.”


“Looks like we… ROCKED your SOCKS.” *Glasses on*


<…Seriously, Char? You’re going to imitate that?>


<And I expected better of you. *Sigh* Well, before Char embarrasses herself any further, let’s skip ahead, shall we? Char finally obtained her very first badge—the first fruits of her diligent training. After also receiving TM 31, our hero heads to the Pokémon Center to make preparations for the next leg of her journey. Poor Taz is placed in the box (which is probably best for him, really—I mean, this really is a rather rag-tag bunch and he’s better off-->


<At any rate, Char decides to head north first, delving into Route 36.>

Eeeeeewww, it’s that gross tree thing…

:D Look! Look! It wiggles when I touch it! Tee hee hee hee~!

D: “Globox, get away from that thing!” Dx

<As Char snatches away her Poliwag from the strange tree, she suddenly stumbles over something. A wild Hoothoot appeared!>

CAPTURED! Male, level 5: Kaepora

<Ho, hoot! I beg your pardon, madam—I did not mean to trip you. I was simply waiting about here to inform passing adventurers about the world outside their forest. You see, if you head straight this way, you will find that the road leads on to Ecruteak City. You will meet a Kimono there… If you are lost and don’t know which way to go, look at the map card. The areas that you have…>

<Good Lord Man, how long will this go on?>

Wow. I wasn’t expecting a tutorial this far into the game…

<Ah, yes, but the road has been blocked by a strange tree that wiggles when you water it, it seems. You will be unable to pass through that way. But if you head south, you will find the Ruins of Alph, which will lead you on a detour through to Azalea Town. Did you get all that?>

“No… I mean—!”

<If you head straight this way…>


<After repeating the tutorial several times due to a horribly placed cursor, Char turned south and started her adventure anew. But just what will she find in the Ruins of Alph? You’ll have to find out next time~!>

Wow. I think that was the first time you didn’t end an update with something ominous.

<…I thought the title “Ruins of Alph” was ominous enough.>

Psh. Psh. Psssssshhhhh, I’m not afraid!

<Mmm, I hope your courage holds up, my dear~>

Yep, and now we’re back on our trend. Later, peeps!


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