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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation

Name: Dustyn

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Does your character have an ability? Yes

If your character has an ability then what is it? Telekinesis. Average strength during normal situations however when adrenaline kicks in, becomes powerful and explosive. Somewhat uncontrollable. When adrenaline kicks in, imagine Unrelenting Force from Skyrim, but complete circle around him.

Is your character working for The Company? No

Appearance: Dustyn is tall and skinny for his age. He is approx 6 ft, with long,straight black hair, that usually covers parts his face, however on the rare occasion he will tie it back. He has hazel eyes, and pale skin, and very little muscle on his body.

On the average day Dustyn will wear black skinny jeans, a black shirt and a black hooded jacket.

Personality: Dustyn is a friendly guy, yet cautious. He will be suspicious of a person at first, especially if they are being friendly to him out of the blue, but will eventually get over the suspicion and be friendly back.

However Dustyn is afraid of a lot of things. Especially to speak his mind. If he sees something wrong, nine times out of ten, he will say nothing if nobody else says anything. This being said, he will not break his beliefs no matter what other people think, eg if someone was trying to convince him to have a smoke, he would say no, and wouldn't change his mind.

History: Dustyn lived a normal life until he was 15. However all throughout his school years he was bullied. He was a techie, and a gamer, going by the gamer name "Kei7137" online, and could find his way around a computer easily. However he lacked physical prowess, which society deemed so important.

Because of his interest in computers and gaming, and lack of interest in sport, Dustyn was bullied throughout school, especially high school. The football team seemed to enjoy making his life hell. Dustyn just took it silently, until one prank angered him massively.

For the whole 9th grade, Dustyn had his locker next to that of the prettiest girl in his class. They occasionally talked, and she was nice to him, so when prom came along, Dustyn planned on asking her to it. Between classes, they were swapping their books, and Dustyn planned to ask her after he grabbed his books. They were chatting, and Dustyn opened his locker. Something exploded in his face as the door opened, and Dustyn was covered in bright pink paint. He could hear the football team laughing about it a few meters away from him, and saw the girl laughing too. He felt humiliated.

That night, Dustyn snuck onto the school grounds, with a bag full of spraypaint. He covered his face, and made sure to leave no traces of his identity behind, entering and leaving from a direction completely opposite to his home.

He snuck into the football teams change rooms, and wrote on the wall in massive letters "GANGBANGERS", and wrote personal insults on each of the lockers. However as he was about to leave, a few members of the football team walked in. They had their end of season party that night, and were picking up their belongings. They didn't recognise Dustyn, but chased him into the corridoor. They caught him, and spear-tackled him, and began beating him up. Dustyn held onto the clothes that were covering his face, making sure that his identity remained a secret.

Suddenly there was a boom. Everything was sent flying away from Dustyn, and the doors of lockers on the sides of the corridor were crumpled inside. Windows broke from the force and glass covered parts of the floor.

Dustyn didn't know what happened, but got up, and hobbled away as fast as he can. When he got home, he ended the video chat that he set up with his friend who knew his plan, and knew he had an alibi when it appeared in the log. From 9:30-midnight, he was at home, in a call with his friend, who could vouch for that.

Lucky for Dustyn that the football team didn't leave any obvious injuries. He was questioned about it later, since he was a victim of the football teams pranks the previous day and had a motive, but suspicions of him were immediately dismissed when he said he was at home in a skype call, and his friend vouched for that.

Since then, Dustyn has been training his powers. He learnt of the telekinesis, but could never do anything as powerful as he did at school that time. He assumed that it was an adrenaline rush thing.

Dustyn is in his second last year of highschool now. He still gets bullied, but gets small revenge with his telekinesis, even if it means causing someones pants to fall down.

RP sample: Same as above.

Other: Dustyn lives in San Diego, California.

Name: Steph
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Does your character have an ability? Yes
If your character has an ability then what is it? Shapeshifting (Can assume the appearance and voice of another person, or slightly modify her own appearance at will, including the clothes she is wearing)
Is your character working for The Company? Yes
Appearance: At the moment, Steph's native form is that of a tall, skinny girl in her twenties, with long, straight light brown hair. She has blue eyes, and usually has her hair down, unless she is working, then she ties it back in a pony tail.

Personality: Steph is a cold, cruel person. That as well as arrogant. She believes that she is perfect, due to her being able to change her appearance to what she and others deem perfect. She believes she is above everyone else, and is smart and manipulative. If she wants something, she will lie and cheat her way to getting it.
History: Steph cannot remember anything before the company. She was taken from her parents at a young age, when a daycare worker noticed her appearance drastically changing, and called the hospital thinking that she was hallucinating and wanting some time off.

The company had the phone lines tapped, and when they heard about this, took Steph. Since she was still young, one of the higher up members adopted her as his own daughter, until the age of 10, when the company took her back to begin training.

Steph was trained in unarmed and armed combat, as well as gymnastics and acrobatics. For 10 years she was trained, day in, day out, until the company decided she was ready to be their secret weapon. An undercover agent for the company. Her job would be to bring people with abilities to the company.

She has spent the past three years rounding up people, and has recently been given a new target. Blaise.
RP sample: Same as Blaise's SU
Other: She carries around a 9mm pistol.

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