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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

I'm bringing up RP since it's the section that's most affected by teams doing this kind of thing. Sure, I understand it's not the only section and to some people, it's really not important. For others, they want a WAR RP that tries to be more like an actual story and not a satire. If people in general wanted things to be outrageously goofy, every team would be like the Octopus Babies and the RP storylines would be pure nonsense each and every time. But they're not. Teams like this are the exception and the minority.

Nonsense teams are better off used for other occasions. They worked great for the parody WAR when it was around, and should really be saved for occasions like that. During the parody WARs, every team was a nonsense team so everything fit together and it was appropriate in that setting and context. If you're bummed out that parody WARs don't happen anymore, well, to be honest they were never really that successful in the first place. I know because I was the guy who started the first of them back after Season 3. I ran one, barely managed to keep it alive (and some people downright hated it and looked at me like I was an idiot), and decided to end it early and not run one again. When Mikey did it a few years back, he struggled with it as well to keep activity going. Most people prefer a more neutral-themed and level-headed WAR, and that's generally where things need to be kept. Since we find that's what works and performs significantly better than a parody WAR, that's what we've been sticking with. If parody WARs worked better, logically we'd be going with that.

Think of the National Football League. You have teams like the Ravens, the Giants, the Patriots, the Saints, and so on. Same goes for the NBA, the NFL, MLB, and all the rest. No where do you have teams with names like "Pooping Seagulls," "Apocalypse Dung Beetles," and "Alien Butt Monkeys" running around (imagine what their mascot would be like). Yes, even your Harlem Globetrotters aren't nearly as bad. Think about the kind of perception and image it would be creating for the entire league if some teams started doing this by tossing away their pride and dignity and began clowning around and disrespecting what the league was supposed to be about: professional athletics, competition, and teamwork. And think about what an outside spectator might be thinking about the league's nature and the people that take part in it with teams like this. Do you think this makes things better or worse?

Bottom line, I just feel goofy teams are out of place in the WAR. They just don't work alongside the rest of the teams and there's no connective harmony between the teams. No one started making teams like this until teams from the parody WARs were carried over into the actual WARs, and this kind of thing didn't happen until much later. The other thing is sure, they wouldn't be so bad if every team did this, but most of them don't want to and they'd rather keep things neutral.

I think the best solution would be to hold it to a vote. Either all the teams should be neutral, or they take the goofy approach, but not a mix of the two.

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