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Default Re: sammy0295's URPG gallery

Curating “Golden Opportunity”

Wow, just, wow. This is very good! I love the crispness of this work. I like it a lot!

The story to this is great—we have a greedy, overbearing Trainer ready to capture a frightened shiny Caterpie that obviously does NOT want to be a part of the Bug-Catcher’s team. Oh, and the fact that the shadow depicts the signature hat and net of Bug Catchers is spot-on and a super nice touch. The outlines look amazing on Caterpie himself, and are nice and smooth as well as tapered in the proper places (the curve in his antennae, the curling bit of his tail that is closer to the viewer). I do think that the grass needs to be a bit more detailed, but I like that you had some sprigs in front of Caterpie to give depth. The rest of the grass looks a bit… flat and uninteresting. The ‘brush strokes’ you used could have been a great base color, but you needed lines and shading on varies clumps of greenery to complete the scene.

I love that you chose to make this a shiny Caterpie, being hunted by one of the Bug Catchers. The bright color of Caterpie against the dark brown background was a great move, too, emphasizing the bug’s brightness and the dark cast shadow that the Trainer is throwing down on it. A couple of things I could say is that the coloring of the grass looks a bit odd, given that the lower half of the painting is brighter than the upper, and the nearer an object is (i.e., the grass closer to the viewer), the more detail should be put into it. I think the grasses needed to be a teensy bit brighter and outlined to match the cartoony look of Caterpie. I also think that the shading needed to be either blurred or sharpened—the lines look somewhere awkwardly between the two and look a little unfinished. Other than that, though, I love that you did the shading so consistently and that you colored the lines around Caterpie. I always think colored lines look much more professional and nice ^^

Pokemon Accuracy
The colors are all spot-on, though I’m not sure that shiny Caterpie’s eyes should be blue. This sort of looks like an artist’s choice, though, so it should be fine. The anatomy is perfect, as well—the right amount of little feet, and even that dot before the end of his tail are all correct. His facial expression reminds me of the manga a little bit, as well—so adorable!

1. Either blend your shadows to make them more realistic or sharpen the edges up to match a more cartoony feel instead of staying somewhere between.
2. Fix your depth of things closer to the viewer and keep closer objects more detailed, such as that grass.

45/25, meaning that Caterpie is caught!

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