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Default Re: Elder Scrolls Club =D (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Skyrim, etc.)

Howdy hey, y'all! CM here with a question.

So I'm thinking of doing a new playthrough in Skyrim (since I'm still having a hard time getting into Oblivion and waiting for ESO) and I need a little help. I'm going to be making an orc character, but I'm thinking of a druid like playstyle. Now I don't want to be completely dependent on magic for offense, so I'm thinking Conjuration for bound weapons until I can get Deadric level ones in-game. However I'm not sure if using weapons is out of character for that kind of class. Also from some of the sources I've found it seems like there's a bit of a debate on if a druid would be a lycanthrope. I'd like some opinions before I get too deep into this build.

Should I go for an almost pure mage playthrough? Or should I mix a mage and ranger playstyle?

Should I get lycanthropy as soon as possible? Or should I avoid it all together?
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