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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Originally Posted by Alcadies View Post
How about we allow "nonsense" teams but ban members of such teams from the RP section. Would that be a fair compromise? Just trying to make everyone happy. There would still be plenty of other teams to compete in the RP and members who join such teams would go in knowing that they can't participate there, and therefore would most likely be people like Nitro (and myself honestly) who didn't have any intention of RPing for it and are just in it for other section(s).
Well the thing is, what if my "nonsense" team attracts someone who wants to RP, but wants to do so on my team because they like it? I lose one potential member if my team isn't allowed to RP, but if I have to conform my team to meet their standards, then I lose my team.

Either way, I'm losing out, and unfairly so.

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