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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
Really? @_@ Octopus Babies was able to win a WAR, I would add. Clowning around and acting like a fool, as you said, doesn't give enough credit to teams like that. If we were clowning around and acting like a fool, what were the rest of you guys doing that you couldn't even beat a "nonsense" team?

I understand wanting to keep the WAR serious and level-headed, that's reasonable. But, to be honest, I'm in this thing to have a good time. The way I do that isn't through being serious and level-headed. General preference or not, it would really ruin WAR for me and people in a same situation to me if you killed off the "nonsense" teams. For what, even? The RP? For one section, no matter how important, it's really kind of stupid. Most of the heavy-hitters and WAR veterans love the RP, but for those who aren't that way (me), I feel like it's a terrible trade-off. One section for what's basically the entire WAR to me? The WAR's image and all of that, that's being incredibly superficial. The WAR is a competition across different areas of Pokemon fandom, and the purpose of it is to be fun. If you want to portray it as serious business, that's a lie. It's fun, and letting everyone have fun, not just the people taking it so seriously as to want to eliminate the less serious teams for the sake of an image and seemingly the RP section.

The "general" seem to take WAR more seriously than I do (not in terms of the competition, but just as a concept in general), and that's fair. But to be such douchebags about it that you cut off the kind of teams I like is unnecessary and snobbish. I'm trying to imagine myself in your shoes, and I find your reasons for eliminating less serious teams to be superficial and self-serving. If you put yourself in my shoes, I hope you see that I'm just losing what I personally like about the WAR to have fun.
How about we allow "nonsense" teams but ban members of such teams from the RP section. Would that be a fair compromise? Just trying to make everyone happy. There would still be plenty of other teams to compete in the RP and members who join such teams would go in knowing that they can't participate there, and therefore would most likely be people like Nitro (and myself honestly) who didn't have any intention of RPing for it and are just in it for other section(s).

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