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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
So when is the RP due to start?
I'll probably start us off in the next couple of days, depending on what happens IRL. I have a few appointments to make and go to, so when I have the time and energy.

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
True enough, but I am sure we could use a few more stormcloaks and imperials from the start. And I was more coming from the College of Winterhold perspective and less on the mage thing, but at least one mage is nice.

Hmmmm... either could be really fun to roleplay with, of course you could go with a bipolar maniac which could also be kinda fun.

Perhaps a peacemaker with a trigger that causes a complete flip?
I could go back and edit Agana so she's from the College with a double life in the Brotherhood. Which I might actually do since I like that idea X3

Hmm... I'd have to create a new character since currently I don't have one like that. But that won't be too hard. It's just coming up with race and name that's the hardest part for me.
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