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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by CM View Post
I have a mage character who's in the Brotherhood X3 I was thinking of having her in the College as well, but I decided against it for some reason. And even though it's not mentioned Menora will become a Stormcloak. Just not in the beginning of the RP.

And also I'm thinking of creating a character to either be a peacemaker for all these characters or instead try to kill all of them just for the pleasure of it X3 Who would y'all like to see?
True enough, but I am sure we could use a few more stormcloaks and imperials from the start. And I was more coming from the College of Winterhold perspective and less on the mage thing, but at least one mage is nice.

Hmmmm... either could be really fun to roleplay with, of course you could go with a bipolar maniac which could also be kinda fun.

Perhaps a peacemaker with a trigger that causes a complete flip?
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