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This really depends. For your situation, no, I wouldn't reslly recommend it for most competetive teams. Maybe with NU teams. It can learn a lot of TMs though. Even though it can learn them, don't just immediatly use rare and expensive TMs like Hyper Beam on it. You wouldn't want to waste the tm. If your a collector or looking to fill your pokedec its an excellent pokemon for that. Its extremely rare in games like ruby where you get it by useing a moon stone on skitty. Skitty is only found in one place with 2% chance. Also, moon stones in r/s/e are very limited. Its rare and good for contest, but not really suited for a competetive team. If you really are compelled to use it on a team though, seeing its your favorite pokemon, I'd try to stick to COM battles. If online, I'd try to use a lot of vitamins to raise Attack and Defense and learn some decent, but not overwealmingly rare and expensive, TMs to give it more of a move range. I'd also recommend getting it to a very high level and keeping heal bell whatever you do. Hope I helped. :)
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