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Default Re: WAR XII RP Brainstorming and Discussion

I've never RPed and know pretty much nothing about it, so I'll use that to be an unbiased party. xD

After I stropped tl;dring, I really like Char's idea. I don't play very many games, and even the games I do play, I don't know much about them unless it's Pokemon or Soul Calibur. I would honestly be less likely to join a crossover than a regular Pokemon RP, in fear of messing it up worse that I already would by joining, lol. I agree, a crossover RP might certainly increase interest, but mainly to the people who have experience in both games.

Most of the people here would be most interested in the Pokemon aspect of the RP rather than the crossover. By that, I mean more of the ones who want the Crossover would be okay with a full Pokemon RP than the ones who know nothing about the crossover would be be okay with having a crossover. More people would settle for the Pokemon RP rather than a crossover.

Neo's ideas for Char's RP makes it even more interesting, and I'd certainly get into that if I was an RPer (I godmod really really bad, okay).

This whole post is basically explaining what Lord Celebi did in one sentence. :L
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