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Default Re: WAR XII RP Brainstorming and Discussion

I like Char's idea, but I'm a little unsure about the implementation of Aura. If everyone has it, it doesn't seem as special and it may be overused, but if only a few player characters have it, then it may seem unfair. Maybe there are other unique, supernatural abilities a character could have besides Aura? Or, if one character has Aura, what would another non-Aura character have that would make up for not having that ability?

The other thing with Aura is how far can you really go with it. What's the absolute most amount of damage a character could do with it, and what kind of cost would be incurred? While Aura Sphere and Aura Shield are great starts, if that's all that's really there, those two abilities will tend to wear out their welcome and it will be a very predictable way to attack and defend. I would maybe try to work on extra Aura abilities, if possible. I would say the minimum amount of Aura "spells" should be something like eight. With that and the combination of only certain characters having Aura manipulation, you won't have a whole batch of RPers throwing Aura Spheres at each other like a giant medieval snowball fight.

Then, you have your non-Aura characters. What would be a good countermeasure to Aura that they could have instead, just to add more variety behind the characters that are created? A few possibilities could include:

- A transformation ability to one of three preselected Pokémon (Like Animorphs)
- Healing/Divine magic
- Extreme speed and increased reaction time
- Witchcraft/Voodoo magic

And stuff like that. I feel the more variety and possibilities you add, the more people will warm up to the RP as they find a power or ability they'll enjoy using and can warm up to. But if Aura or no Aura is the only option available, people might find it a bit dry.

Aside from that...

I don't recommend the idea of collecting the weapon of the Order of the Dusk, or any kind of collection or treasure hunt situation, especially if you need all the pieces for it to be functional. With RPers, once they have a piece, you'll have to do the impossible to pry it from their hands. In that kind of situation, what usually ends up claimed will not be broken, stolen, or lost without a lot of argument.

As background storyline, instead of having the storyline be about getting powerful relics or artifacts to benefit a faction's situation, go in the opposite direction. Take away from their physiological/security needs so they don't decide to coast through the RP with the thought that everything's fine and dandy with the world whether they do anything or not. If you have a relic that's in seven pieces, all pieces need to be together for it to work, and Team A has two, Team B has one, and Team C has four, Team D won by not caring. Team A, B, and C will be warring with each other indefinitely, refusing to give up their pieces to any other team, while Team D can do whatever they like.

As one example of swiping away at physiological/security needs, the land is becoming blighted and there is a sudden food shortage or water poisoning. The kingdoms have no choice but to fight each other for basic survival. Or, some kind of infectious disease, curse, or anomaly is going about dismantling society. However, make the disease or curse actually have certain benefits to it while having certain detriments as well (or else you won't have any RPers volunteering to have their characters get affected by it). Good examples include lycanthropy (possible way to put in Pokémorphs), vampirism, defilement into a powerful demonic form, or some other physically obvious affliction that gives new strengths but bestows negative detriments as well, so there's an even exchange between characters that stay human/normal and those that allow themselves to become one of the affected. But all in all, make the characters and teams have to do something or be much worse off (possible death). It also helps to have them fight over something that's limited in supply and can't be provided to everyone, but is stuff people absolutely need to survive. Essentially, imagine the RP's story as a high-stakes Black Friday bonanza: if they snooze, they lose.

And of course, team goals could be in reflection of this. You could have a team that wants to secure the precious resources to distribute them among the fair, the righteous, and the just, while the bad guy team wants it as leverage to have their demands met or to acquire money. Another team may just want the minimum amount they need to continue surviving, but another team may feel even that is too much for them to accept.

And one other thing.

I would make the number of Pokémon a person travels with pretty limited in a medieval setting. As in no more than two. This way, people don't have their own personal army on their belt and need to choose their Pokémon carefully and resourcefully. Yes, under these conditions, you won't have every type alignment accounted for, so if you've got a fire type and a rock type, water types are going to be your weakness. So that knight trainer better get in on the fight himself, since his two Pokémon may not have an easy time. Or, rely on teamwork as a good solution. That knight may have a buddy RPer who has the electric or grass type that he wish he had. And vice versa.

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