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Default URPG Spring Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome, one and all, to our URPG Scavenger Hunt!

URPG’s leadership has decided to host a small but fun event to commemorate both spring and the giddy times that will happen today. However, the festive pranks planned for today attracted too much attention from some shady characters. Before the moderators could do anything about it, a devious leprechaun and its team of Delibirds invaded URPG, ruining all the fun pranks we had planned! The good-natured Delibirds would never betray URPG, however, so they’ve left countless clues all across the forums. It’s your job to find the clues, capture the leprechaun, and restore balance to URPG!

In case you couldn’t tell, you will be competing against each other to find clues that have been hidden all throughout URPG. The point of the game is to find the leprechaun before all the other trainers do. There is an unnamed prize, but know that it is fantastic. The scavenger hunt only lasts for 24 hours from this post, so make sure to hurry and find all the clues before everyone else does!


• The scavenger hunt begins now! You have precisely 24 hours from this post to find
the leprechaun and post a link to the thread where it is hidden.
• You’re only allowed to post one link/guess to the leprechaun, but you can edit your
guess up until the deadline expires.
•The leprechaun’s location is very specific. Please provide a link to the exact post
where it his hidden, not the thread.
• You must be a URPG member to participate.
• A marvelous prize will be awarded to the first person to find the leprechaun.
• Think outside the box! All things associated with the URPG is fair game, so make
sure to check all your resources before giving up.
• Have fun!

Your first clue!

Where one might purchase things, if one can withstand the lag

Again, submissions are due precisely 24 hours from this post. Find that limey leprechaun and save URPG!
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