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Africa was a horrible place for Quraza, it brought back too many bad memories, of his family, his past. He had hoped that his mother had escaped the humans, but since he never found her, or any sign that she might have escaped he had given up hoping. He landed with a loud thud on the dry ground, he looked around. There really was no point in searching for food after a landing, the noise and vibrations normally sent most prey scurrying, but Quraza was angry, he was tired, he was annoyed and he was bored. He couldn't stand being alone any longer, he had to find someone, something to do. He had heard of hunters, people that killed mythological creatures, maybe one of these hunters could recruit him, maybe he could be pointed in the direction of a fellow dragon, anything to get him mind off of this wretched country. Quraza roared, he dared people to come and look for him, he dared them, but no one was around, no one heard him and no one came. He grunted and took off again.

While he was in the air he flew high enough to be above the clouds. He didn't want to be seen. Quraza had learned the hard way that he had to be careful while flying above America, the humans did flight tests and other such things in rather hard air-crafts. But Quraza relaxed slightly, the sun seemed to be going down, it was almost night time, which meant no tests or other such things right now. It was normally during the day when people could see. But today had been a bad day for Quraza, he has been hungry for three days and he hasn't found anything that could be considered food, he was starting to consider becoming a human and eating some human food, but he had waited too long, transforming when he was this weak from hunger could leave him vulnerable.

Quraza shook his head, he twisted his body and moved to go under the clouds, he needed to know if he had reached America yet, it took quite a bit of time to reach his home from Africa. As he flew under the clouds, he didn't expect to literally bump into two air-crafts. The two T-38 Talon's hadn't really been expecting the large dragon to just pop out of the sky either, and before the two pilots could think about moving out of the way, they collided. Quraza roared as one T-38 crashed into his left wing and the other crashed into his right leg. All three of them went down after that, Quraza tried to straighten up but the darn air-crafts kept getting in the way, he could get out of the fall in time and unfortunately for the pilots that had been doing some training, they couldn't use their parachutes to get out because Quraza was in the way. When they finally reached ground, the noise was horrible, the loud crunch of metal and bone was sickening and Quraza knew this was bad. He tried to get up, to untangle himself from the metal. After finally reaching his feet he took off, the pain in his left wing was unbearable and he knew he wouldn't be able to fly for long, luckily for him he had been lost in thought for longer than he had originally thought since he was almost in Wisconsin, he tried his best to gain height but he couldn't manage it, but the sun had already set and it was dark, so he doubted people would see him.

When he reached his cave he dove in and crashed into the side of it. He knew he had probably made it worse but he didn't care, he grabbed a duffel bag that had been inside the cave and flew back out, he wasn't sure where he was headed but he needed help. Soon enough he crashed into a wooded area, he had no clue where he was but he had to transform. Using all of his strength he willed his body to change, the pain of his injuries worsened as his body shrank and morphed. He cried out, he noise a mix between a scream and a roar. Quraza knew that while he transformed the pain made his telepathy work uncontrollably, people around him could sometimes hear his thoughts, they would know what he was feeling. The amount of pain he was in was horrible, and he had no clue how far out his telepathic cries were being sent, he had no clue who was getting them, all he knew was that the only things they would probably receive were shouts of pain and help. Possibly even the occasional dragon. Quraza writhed on the floor, he was almost human, his body had shrunk enough, his shape had changed, he had hair. But his skin was still turning, it looked green, there were still scales attached. His wings had moved into arm like positions, he started to get claws, which soon turned into fingers and then a hand formed as the scales, skin, tissue, bone and muscle contracted into a human arm. He knew this would only make his injury worse, to be honest his arm was probably now broken. He was glad his leg hadn't be hurt more, just an arm injury was something he could deal with. He grunted and rolled over onto his back as his skin started to turn into a light pink and his eyes began to change into those of a humans.

Once he was fully transformed, he let the cool night air wash over him, he turned onto his right side and spotted the duffel bag not that far away, he tried to reach out to it but he couldn't move his left arm, the pain was too much. He grunted and turned onto his stomach, trying not to jolt his left arm too much as he pushed himself up. But it wouldn't work, the pain had drained him, he was weak and hungry. He sighed and tried to crawl and drag his way over to the bag. After a horrible five minutes, that seemed to drag on, he reached the bag and pulled out human clothes, he tried his best to pull them on, so if anyone did find him he wouldn't be naked. He managed to get on underwear and trousers, but he just pulled out a warm jumper and placed it over his chest, instead of trying to put it on.

Quraza sighed and closed his eyes, he was so tired. Maybe he could try and get up a little later, so using his jumper as a cover for his chest and his bag as a pillow, Quraza attempted to get a little rest and to hopefully forget about the pain in his arm for a little while, absently he wondered who might have heard his telepathic calls. He didn't know much about telepathy, but he wondered if the people who heard him could find him. Hopefully it wasn't anyone that would want to kill him.

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