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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

((So spring break is finally a thing for me meaning I have nothing to do except post now~ Yay me XD))

Pro-secrecy, Mawr Cattân
Somewhere in Europe
Affected RPer: Winter

Ash had heard them approaching long before Straton could; he may have been in his human form but his hearing hadn't diminished in the slightest. It was why he paid no attention when Straton looked as if he would walk away from him, his brief game immediately dissipating as he leaned forward, ears and eyes alert. Suddenly there was shouting coming from the next room and the white wolf that followed Reine practically everywhere rose to his feet, growling. Now he knows Starton heard that, hell everyone did.

In fact--"Ash," he heard Straton say, watching the human step next to him. "Be ready for--" the rest of his sentence was cut off by an explosion that blasted the door off its hinges, sending it flying into some distant corner of the room.

He had already been moving, his reflexes faster than any human's. Ash all but leaped out of his hiding place, skidding protectively in front of Reine with his hands out, fingers curled into claws and sparks already dancing between them. He would have thrown fire into the midst of their attackers and was actually drawing back his hand to do so when a small black box flew by him. He swore and immediately covered his eyes, wincing as the black world behind his eyelids was dyed an angry red from the intense light the box emitted. It lasted for only a moment though, and when Ash lowered his arm he saw their would-be assassins stumbling around, some of them rubbing their eyes and moaning. A wicked grin sliced through his features, his eyes practically glowing with delight. Perfect.

The Mawr Cattân laughed and raised his hands again, but this time bright tongues of orange flame shot from his fingertips, crackling and wooshing as they sucked in the oxygen from the room to stay lit. The fire flowed through the air as Ash directed it like a puppeteer, pulling on it and making it form a great ball of fire above them, then he shot it forward, letting it explode at the same time. A huge wave of flame washed over the gunmen's heads just barely missing them. Screams of panic now echoed throughout the room, no one was concerned about where the fire was from or how it even got there, they just knew that there was fire and it was near them and they had to get out. He watched them scramble back in an attempt to reach the doorway they had just come through and knew that at least by now the others had reached the room's other exit with Reine. Strangely, nothing in the room seemed to have caught fire except for the doorway the attackers had just gone through, and all of the flames that had previously engulfed the room seemed to have vanished without a trace. In fact the only other thing on fire was Ash's hand, something which he was both totally aware and unconcerned about, and he merely hid his hand behind his back while the other was unhooking the whip from his belt.

The Fae guard quickly shuffled backwards, going out the other door while keeping his eyes trained on the flaming entrance across the room the entire time.

((Actually I legitly have nothing for my other characters to be doing at the moment, since they are needed for srs stuff later. Lyeceina might show up int he middle of this but I need a mirror. XD))
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