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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Was talking to drago on skype:
Me: Ah its funny because the dragonborn wont get along at all ha ha
Drago: IKR
Drago: and we have to kill Alduin
Drago: We are soooooo screwed
Oh main... I think Skyrim has no hope left X3

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
don't worry I will sit there and hide with Become Ethereal so I won't technically run

Zul Mey Gut
may help distract... people don't like being called skeever bait

You'd do that and then sneak away while my characters are doing all the fighting X3 A werewolf and a vampire working together.. oh my X3

No, no one likes being called that.
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