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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Well atm, i am looking for a sweet roll to steal with Blackthorne. Prolly gonna head toward Windhelm and say hi to some of my fellow Argonians in their natural subjugated and outcasted environment.
Or go to Solitude and meet Deeja and recieve the threat about having knives stuck in my belly... absolutely pleasant.

As for Norik... gonna open up with him near his Falkreath home enjoying a cup of... tea... and talking to an Atronach or something. Maybe have a small wolf pack attack for the sake of action, and then decide to head to a not yet determined point.

Gorvesh will prolly start working on a quest of some kind to kill an escaped convict and end drinking in the Bannered Mare.

When you get further into the game... dragon attacks become pretty common... and Blackthorne in-game can OHKO low level dragons, so not to much of a problem.

Perhaps we can bump into each other in Whiterun: The Bannered Mare while having some completely unrelated business to attend to... or Solitude, since it is absolutely lovely there.

I wonder if I have gotten to the point where I am rambling irrelevantly. And Jacob... I may have to watch you.
I hear they serve "special drinks" in the Bee and Bard... anyone up for a drinking match?

Edit: Oh hey there is that Vampire!
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