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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
Yeah, guys. Why. Why ruin the surprise.
My fault, I didn't know it was still supposed to be under wraps. Anyway, let's try to refrain from mentioning you-know-what again.

Anyway, I think four teams sounds like a good number, but if we're going that route, we need some kind of determination as to how those four teams are decided. There's a few ways we could do that.

Option 1: We make a new thread for people interested in creating and leading a WAR Team. Here, they make a single post as to what their team will be about, why they want to be a leader, and what skills they possess that will make them a good leader. Then, after some time, people vote on teams. The other alternative is WAR Leaders decide on which four submissions should be permitted to make WAR Teams.

Option 2: Teams are created first, but in time, voting occurs that decides which of those four teams will be "finalists" and will go on to participate in the WAR. People on teams who didn't make it are free to switch teams.

Note that both of these options are possible without drafts. I agree that drafts aren't that great of an idea and they've resulted in messes in the past.

As far as start date goes, let's wait on that. I think that might be better rather than trying to guess what's going to happen.

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