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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Alright, everything below the starting date part, I can't really help out with, seeing as how WAR is new to me. I have seen what it is, given that was the only thing I could do except for stalking the Trivia board.

Teams: Option one is good here, seeing as how PE2K is drastically dropping in activity. However, what would be the limit? I would suggest somewhere between 3-5, probably at least four teams, so it's not one whole team with a huge ton of people.

Picking Teams: Ugh. Drafts. No. But, I do have a possible #3. Alright, say we go with #1 (Which we probably will), and everyone picks a team for WAR XII. However, one member of a team is being disrespectful to the rest of the team for some reason. Picking teams is a privilege, not a right. So, first, we give a warning or whatever to that person about being mean and whatnot. If he/she continues, we relocate them to a new team, so it would be a mixture of options 1 and 2. Again, if they continue, out of WAR. Three strikes you're out system.

Start Date: Okay, honest to god, I remember that we were supposed to keep PXR secret or whatever. But, anyways, yeah, you guys don't know when it's coming out, neither do we, but I expect PXR to launch sometime in late June/July-early August. If PXR comes out before WAR this year, I would say migrate this over to PXR and have this as a last hurray to PE2K for giving us 12+ years of WAR and have it both here and in PXR. If not, I would say start sometime between late May to early June, since most people are out by the third week or so of May.

Yeah, guys. Why. Why ruin the surprise.

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