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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
So Menora is an infiltrator and has Frost.
Cool... Blackthorne has a thieves guild buddy. Fun.

Aside from that.... Menora is a werewolf.
That outta leave some fun interactions since Gorvesh is also a werewolf.

So one of your characters may know Norik, that could be potentially interesting.
Interaction between Menora and your two characters shall be interesting, for sure. I like the idea that it could be possible to obtain lycanthropy outside of the Companions, so that's why she's one but not a member of that faction. However that could later change X3

Yes, I've been working another character of mine into the Skryim universe, which made ideas very interesting when I started playing the vampire side of Dawnguard. However I'd need to figure out how to weave this character into the RP without referencing Dawnguard too much since that plot won't be in affect until a little bit into the roleplay.

On another note, we can go ahead and start discussing some ideas if you'd like. We don't have that many players yet, but that could change over time. And since there's no strict plot to follow we can pretty much do whatever we'd like when we want. So getting some ideas out on the table now could help us plan an order of events for when the RP starts.
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