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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Yeah, I just realized PXR was supposed to be kept under the holiday wrapping paper for a little longer. My main point is that relocating the WAR is a potential option and we will likely have a sound and stable place to move it to.

So, in terms of some of the other issues at hand:

Four weeks sounds as a good starting point, which is something we could add more onto if things with activity get more promising. I agree with Nitro, some sections did take a serious dip in activity to the point where submissions ended up being zero. I judged graphic art last year and while that section did actually turn out okay, I noticed these trends. Cutting it down by a week might be just the thing we need.

This depends on what people would prefer.

Option #1 is fewer teams with more members, and Option #2 is more teams with fewer members.

Personally, I am leaning more toward Option #1. I'd rather have maybe three or four teams that have life, activity, and energy behind them as opposed to a lot of little teams that will be dropping like flies as the weeks roll on.

Again, personally, let people decide on their team. I've seen drafts do ugly things in the past, and I'm not really sure there is a possible third method that could be used.

A lot of this depends on the migration situation. If migration does happen, I may advocate for it starting a bit later, such as mid or late July to allow the new hosting location be situated and comfortable with hosting the WAR after all other priorities are met.

In terms of judging, I feel this is probably the fairest method:

[Monday - Friday] > Standard submission time
[Saturday] > Judging period begins, submissions can be put in as "last minute" submissions provided the judge hasn't reviewed and posted results yet. But once results are posted, it's too late.
[Sunday] > Pure judging, no submissions allowed. Gives judges an extra day to calculate results and post new themes for the upcoming week when applicable.

If a section hasn't been judged by Sunday night and it rolls into Monday, a WAR Leader should be prepared to intervene and judge that section, even if that WAR Leader took part in it. That judge, however, will lose the opportunity to earn points.

Judges need to receive points to keep them motivated to do a good job. Again, I agree with Nitro, the point award should be decent, but not enough to throw off the balance to where a team could win just by judging everything. I feel a fair distribution is a judge should be earning roughly 20% of what they're awarding out each week. A section that awards 5 points each week means the judge should be earning 1 point each week. If 10, then 2 points. We may need to "inflate" the point amounts so there aren't any fractional points given out, such as having sections be worth something like 40 or 50 points each week and just work with higher and easier-to-divide and distribute numbers as opposed to single digits.

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