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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

- How long the WAR should be
I'm kind of worried about activity, to be honest. As a judge last year, activity was pretty bad for my Pokemon Online/Showdown section with one or two weeks with no submissions at all and the rest with 1-3. So, while I'm not a fan of this as a participant, I think it would be more intelligent to have four weeks to be on the safe side.

- How WAR Teams are made and how many should there be
I would personally like for the teams to be made in the same way as the past. I vote against a member limit, though if absolutely necessary, we can implement one later in the process (before the start of the actual WAR). Five to six feels like a good number to accept, though it's a number I would like to be able to change later on if it would be in our best interests, depending on how many teams can get over the minimum member limit/have a reasonable number of members.

- How members join teams
Just let members pick one. Saves trouble, and if need be, we can always ask for members to move around.

- WAR Starting Date
School ends for me late June, and I believe it's the same/similar for most other people. The last day of June (June 30th) is on a Sunday, so that feels like a perfect date to start it, with the week(s) before being used for pre-WAR stuff. I'm thinking of the RP specifically here as a section that would benefit from this.

- Submission and Judging periods
Yeah, the system has worked excellently in the past. I feel that, in the case of a late judging, somebody should be designated to step in and take over to grade things and set a new theme for the week. Ideally, this would be one or two people total across all of the sections. I think last year, we had a situation where somebody was late in judging. While it totally might not happen again this year, we should be prepared for it.

- Points
Judges receiving points would be cool, but it shouldn't be a number that can sway the results greatly since it really is just effort points. I'm thinking if a "minor" section like Humor (if we have that again) is worth 10 points a week, Judging should be 5 points a week. That way, it COULD make a difference in a close matchup (esp. if judges are judging all five weeks and if a team has multiple people judging), but it won't be the bulk of their points.

Also down for moving to PXR. It looks to be a great site from what I've seen so far.
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