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Default Re: WAR XII RP Brainstorming and Discussion

Alright, here's my one cent. JUST ONE. NOT TWO, AND CERTAINLY NOT FIVE.

For the technological advances such as Poke Balls and TMs, I agree with Neo, trash them. For the connection, I would think of something like a Conquest-esque style of communication and bonding. Maybe, the connection with aura can have the bonds that connect people and Pokemon. As for TMs, I would say what Ash or whoever would do in the anime: Have a Pokemon practice the move over and over again until they have it picture perfect. Or, at least the idea of perfection. After all of that training, they know it by memory.

For Races, I would suggest having each race have different advantages and disadvantages for them. Like, trolls or whatever, some kind of creature that is considered "magic" by definition, they would have a great advantage in spell combat with less drawbacks, but a horrible displacement in physical fighting. Vice versa with human soldiers, except for the aura, which I would suggest have its different costs and strength varying on how it is used.

The setting, let your mind go free! We could have different places for certain players, in which they meet at one point eventually. Now, by this, I don't mean one separate place for each and every RPer, I mean create five or so worlds/dimensions/whatever for RPers to go to, however the RPM (If there is one) sees fit. You know where this is coming from if you've read it.

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